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A free, eco-friendly, advertising-free, community magazine. While still in its developmental stages, Marine Life is developed entirely by recreational scuba divers and aims to eventually encompass all non-mainstream marine and coastal activities from around Tasmania.Marine Life is a platform for a few avid scribblers to vent their creativity on some larger feature articles and promote marine education themes. It eventually aims to be used as a platform for anyone interested in networking with other marine-minded people. The target group is broad, and ranges from surfriders, beachcombers, shell-collectors, canoeists and kayakers, sea bird and marine mammal enthusiasts, marine scientists, sustainable fishers to scuba divers and snorkelers.

The e-magazine isn’t politically affiliated with any group and attempts to report objectively on anything happening on the marine scene to allow you to form your own opinions. What’s the catch? None really, it’s all non-profit and a love job. Please feel free to help distribute the mag amongst your family and friends and also send us an article and a photo or two when you have the time and inclination.

The current edition can be found for download in the panel to the right. All past editions are also available below. If you’d like to subscribe directly to the email service, please send the marine life crew an email at Comments and criticisms are always most welcome!

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