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President's Spiel [special guest appearance!]

Hey divers and associates! I would like to introduce myself, John Keane, as the new president of Tas Uni Dive Club. Many of you already know me as the VP for the past two years and a general member before that. For those who don't yet, I hope to meet you on a dive or at a social event soon!

Ben (Cashy) has stepped down from the executive of the club to spend more time with his young family and his emerging businesses. On behalf of everyone I wish him well in his endeavours and thank him for the huge amount of time he has put into the club. I am sure we will all see Ben continue to be active around the club though - you can take the man out of the club, but you can't take the club out of the man!

At the AGM last week, a new and rejuvenated team was voted in including 6 energetic guys and girls who are brand new to the TUDC Exec. An extra Dive Officer position was added to run dives in the north, and the Technical Officer position was split into two separate roles - a Major Asset Officer (boats/trailers/vehicles) and a Gear Officer (all dive equipment).

In the last 12 months the club ran a whopping 89 events, including 55 OW dives (more than 1 per week), 23 AOW dives, and 11 social events. Amongst all this diving, we were kept very busy with purchasing a new boat from interstate and fitting it out! Now that the boat fitout is almost complete, the Exec will have even more time to concentrate on the thing we love the most - diving! So in the next 12 months expect more diving, more social events and more fun!

I would like to encourage everyone to get along to the annual Tinderbox open day this Saturday where there will be plenty of free diving, a BBQ, a very special lucky door prize donated by The Dive Shop, underwater scooters, training refreshers, and more. Then on Thursday 11th, we've been invited to a special social event with the TMAGgots, entitled Darling: The Bridge Has Gone. This exhibition details the collision of the MV Lake Illawarra with the Tasman Bridge. Subsequently, we have scheduled a dive on the wreck for May 11th.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the dive calendar over the next few weeks as all the new dive officers are itching to run dives. They are in the final stages of initiation (completing paperwork, learning the ropes, dealing with the sudden influx of email correspondence) and, once complete, expect a flurry of dives to be added to the calendar!

Until next time, keep bubbling!

- John Keane, TUDC president 2013

Kelp forest

Featured Dive Review

Vischer Island - 30th March

"A tuna rally and rising southerly swell prompted a fortuitous site change of plan to Vischer Island, southeast of the beautiful Marion Bay.

Divers reported a scenic and varied dive on the southern side of the island which was nicely sheltered from the 20-25 knot NW wind and sea. Plenty of shallow stuff and lightly sponged areas at 35m to the south east. Nearby Lagoon Bay provided a beautiful and healthy kelp forest dive. Both dives were enhanced by the company of a second load of divers in Dave R's nice new 'Barcrusher' boat. Looking forward to more collaborative dives in the future!"

          - Sparky


News Around The Club

New TUDC Committee elected for 2013

As you've probably already seen in your email inboxes, the TUDC Annual General Meeting was held last Wednesday, 27th March. Amongst talking general diving frivolities, we had the genuinely serious task of electing a new Committee for 2013. It was great to see so many fresh faces keen to get involved and help out with the running of the club. The new TUDC Committee for 2013 is as follows:

"A Day With the Professors" - mixed gas diving experts talk at Hyperbaric Conference

We know this is early warning, but we've just been advised of a special tech diving information opportunity that has been opened up to the Tasmanian diving community. On 10th August 2013 there will be a Hyperbaric Technicians and Nurses Association (HTNA) Conference held in Hobart. The HTNA has extended a invitation to the Tasmanian Diving community to come along to this event. A full day will be dedicated to five Diving and Mixed gas specialists presenting papers to the public. This will be a day where the divers will also be able to ask question to the leading experts of their field.

Unfortunately this event is not free (awwww); however, you have plenty of time to save! You can register online now at [price includes lunch and morning/afternoon tea].

Check out the flyer of the event (click image on right) for more info, or contact Corry Vandenbroek at, 03 62228322
Hyperbaric conference

Underwater Festival 2013 - Photographers, get your cameras ready!

It may feel like 2013 has just started, but it's only 6 months til the 2013 Australasian Underwater Festival kicks off. Never heard of it? Don't worry! this great event has a great website (see it here) that you can visit to check out all the action from previous years!

Essentially, the Underwater Festival is a month-long photo shootout running across the whole month of September. Photographers from 25 countries all over Australasia (including, of course, Australia!) are invited to take photographs during this period and submit them to the competition for a chance to win some fantastic prizes. Described as 'not unlike an underwater Earth Hour', the aim of the event is to highlight Australasia's underwater beauty and showcase what we've got to lose in this bioregion.

So, underwater photographers, head over to the website to check out previous winners and some of the fantastic prizes. Grab your cameras and start practicing now, because come September you only have 30 days to snap your very best photos. Let's do Tassie proud and show the rest of the world the amazing critters and scenery that cold water diving has to offer!

Darling: The bridge has gone - Exclusive member preview!

2013 Members of the TUDC have been given an exclusive opportunity to join the TMAGgots for a preview of the upcoming exhibition entitled 'A City Divided: The Tasman Bridge Disaster'.

"On a drizzly and misty summer evening on the 5th January 1975 the fully loaded bulk ore carrier the Lake Illawara collided with Hobart's Tasman Bridge. This dramatic event fatally severed the main artery between the Eastern and Western Shores of what is now the cities of Clarence and Hobart. This incident sadly resulted in the deaths of 12 people, introduced a few good tales (and a song or two) and forever changed the course of the history of Hobart's Eastern Shore..."

The MV Lake Illawarra shipwreck is a regular on our dive calendar, and this event is a must for anyone who has ever dived the wreck!

  • Date: Thursday, 11 April 2013 @ 6.00pm
  • Venue: Rosny Barn Complex, just above Eastlands and opposite Rosny College
  • RSVP: Please sign up by 9 April for catering purposes - numbers are strictly limited - visit the dive calendar now!
Want to know who the TMAGgots are? Find out here

Entertainment Books

TUDC is again selling the new 2013/14 Entertainment™ Books for just $60, with $12 from every book sold benefiting the club's fundraising efforts (MOAR BOATS!). If you haven't come across these before, The Entertainment Book is a local restaurant and activity guide providing hundreds of 25% to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers from fine restaurants, cafes, attractions, activities and accommodation. Even if you only leave the house twice a year, you'll make your money back and then some. Seriously. Massive savings to be had if you're a social butterfly!

Books will be available from early-April. Pre-order them here!

If you have any questions, please contact John Keane on 0488 575 444 or shoot him an email at


We like to keep things fresh for you.

Every month, we will advertise another special for gear hire or discounted dives. It'll be valid for the entire duration of that month (or as specified by the deal). So check this space regularly to score yourself some bargains!



Cheap dive courses available to TUDC Members

For those of you yet to get certified, Ian from The Hobart Dive Shop (67a Argyle St - 6234 3428) is once again offering a fantastic price on Open Water courses exclusively to Tas Uni Dive Club members.

The following courses have just been posted up for February & March - jump on the Dive Shop website now for full dates and to make a booking!

  • PADI Advanced OW Course - from 6th April: $350
  • PADI Open Water Course - from 15th April: $295 (for TUDC members!)
  • PADI Rescue Diver Course - from 6th May: $295
  • PADI Open Water Course - from 13th May: $295 (for TUDC members!)
Remember, the cheap deals on the OW courses (usually $375 each) are exclusive to TUDC members, so make sure you mention you're from the Tas Uni Dive Club!

Some more upcoming dive course dates

Southern Tasmanian Divers (212 Elizabeth St - 6234 7243) also have a number of upcoming dive courses on their calendar. Check out their website for more details.

  • Open Water Course
    • from April 16th


Recent Dives & Happenings

Handfish surveys

Derwent Handfishing adventures

Over the past couple of weekends, TUDC has been hard at work conducting surveys of the endangered spotted handfish in the Derwent Estuary as part of a collaborative effort with the Derwent Estuary Program. More than 20 keen TUDC divers gave up their time over two weekends to punch out an outstanding 80 transects (that's 24,000 square metres!) around Nutgrove Beach, CSIRO and Battery Point. Surveys involved laying transects; counting different animal species on the sediment; and photographing, measuring and geotagging any handfish located on the lines.

The 2012-13 Summer seems to have been a pretty tough one for handfish, with very few sightings reported by recreational divers. Despite the best efforts by our TUDC spotters, the Nutgrove Beach surveys on the first weekend yielded only a couple of sightings. Although this may well have been more due to the torrential rains that turned the dive site into a raging stormwater flood and blacked out the sun... Nonetheless, divers took it all in their stride and battled through wet and windy conditions to close out the first weekend of surveys.

Handfish surveys

The second weekend (CSIRO/Battery Point) brought marginally better weather, and (fortunately!) also better handfish numbers. A total of 6 little handy guys were found across the 2 sites, with some other interesting critters such as occies, pipefish, seahorses, sharks, bags of dead kittens (no sorry, we're only joking) spotted along the way. The highlight of the weekend was some snazzy GoPro aquacopter footage taken down at CSIRO, which kept everyone entertained during their surface intervals. Check out Rex's footage from the day on his YouTube channel here.

All in all, the surveys were highly successful and it was a great effort by all TUDC members involved. Thanks to everyone who helped out over the 2 weekends, especially to to Southern Tas Divers, who provided us with FREE tank fills over both weekends! We hope to be getting some more environmental/conservation/research-themed divers on the calendar soon.

Handfish surveys

Check out more pics from both weekends on our Facebook page here.

dive calendar signups

Upcoming Dives & Events

April 6th - Tinderbox BBQ Open Day
To kick off the 2013 dive season we're having our annual open dive day down at Tinderbox. Get ready for a full day of diving, BBQ lunch, and snorkeling. The boat will be in operation from 9:30am and the site is suitable for divers of all levels of experience. Lucky 'door' prizes on offer, soft drinks for sale (and beers once the diving is done), and Scubaventures will be running free scuba review courses from 1pm (including underwater scooter tryouts!) for those of us that want to ease back into diving slowly. But the best thing is.... the diving and the BBQ is FREE for members! Contact - dive calendar

April 11th - Darling: The bridge has gone [art exhibition]
Special exclusive invitation for TUDC members to attend the TMAG Lake Illawarra bridge disaster exclusive pre-exhibit showing! Contact - dive calendar

May 10th-12th (whole weekend) - Bicheno
Some of the best temperate diving in the world - enormous and colourful sponges interspersed with ascidians, hydroids, sea whips, sea fans and anemones. Prolific fish life, huge granite boulders and swimthroughs. Contact - Sparky

May 11th - MV Lake Illawarra (wreck)
130 m long, 35 m down, low visibility, strong currents, overhead environment, well and truly classified as "higher than usual psychological stress". If deep, dark and creepy is your thing... Advanced Open Waters ONLY. Contact - JPK

June 8th-10th (whole weekend) - Bicheno Combined Clubs Weekend
The 8th annual Tasmanian Combined dive Clubs Weekend provides an opportunity for divers from all around Australia to come together for a weekend full of diving adventures. The event typically attracts over 100 divers resulting in all levels of experience and interests being catered for. Based at the iconic east coast town of Bicheno, the adjacent Governor Island marine reserve provides some of the best diving in Australia. Contact - dive calendar


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