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Hey narkophiles,

Welcome to TANKED - the newsletter for mermen and mermaids who are suckers for cold water punishment. What a cracking month June was! TUDC steamrolled their way to victory with a whopping 30 divers fronting up to the Combined Clubs Weekend, which coincided perfectly with the arrival of our brand new boat! [check out the news items below for more on both these] July has a lot to live up to, but we're pretty excited that she'll come through with the goods...

We've struggled our way past the hump of the shortest day, which means you'll be seeing the ol' lazy after-work dives starting to pop up on the calendar very soon. Some bad luck with weather and boat teething issues has led to a couple of dives being cancelled recently, but don't let that put you off. The dive calendar is bursting with dives over the next six weeks, so find a few that you like the look of and get signed up!

- TUDC Exec 2012
CCW 2012

Featured Dive Review

Combined Clubs Weekend 2012

The weather, swell and visibility all came together in a glorious fashion for this years Combined Clubs Weekend to prove once again that Bicheno has the best temperate diving in Australia. Diver's hit all the favourite sites including the Castle, Canyon, Chimney, Steps and Mures Rock to name a few. A few divers even hit up the Castle for a night dive surfacing with big grins. Like every year, the organizers pulled together an exceptional event, hosted this year by Ocean Divers Plus.

For the TUDC, the CCW had very much the same theme as the previous two years.We Came, We Saw, and We Conquered. Although, the battle for first didn't come easy with over 130 divers hitting the Bicheno waters from 7 dive clubs hailing from Tasmania and as far away as Antarctica. Antarctica? Yes even three humpbacks swam by on their way north to take in some CCW action.

So how did the TUDC win the competition? With compassion, teamwork, depth (haha pun) and the best represented club comprising over 30 divers. The TUDC had so many divers making enough CO2 bubbles that Gillard almost taxed our carbon. One member who exemplified how much compassion it takes to win a CCW is Tom MacKay. He faced the threat of hypothermia, losing his left nut, and talking like a girl for a week, but still took one for the team. Starring as Tony Abott, Mackay wore nothing but budgie smugglers into the frigid waters for the Gillard vs Rudd themed video, which won the hearts of the CCW competitors. The award winning video was produced by John Keane, filmed by David Page, and in addition to Tom MacKay featured David Waterhouse with his impeccable impersonation of Rudd, Emma Flukes as the nasty Gillard, Aimee Barnes as the sexy pole dancer (in real life I hear as well), and we had to bring in the ever capable Erin Goulay for the dangerous stunts. Damn it, I've got the Benny Hill theme song in my head again. You can check out the video here.
CCW 2012
Many other TUDC divers brought their best to the competition including Nick Corkhill who not only commanded the Waub's Bay golf ball hunt but also the evenings at the hall with his auctioneering skills. He captivated the crowd auctioneering wine, dive gear, model cars and key chains. Laura Smith was so transfixed she bought a key chain for $45. The scuba Olympics was full of laughs, jeers and friendly competition again this year. The navigation course, flipper throw, dive weight shot put, and scuba gear relay race were all tightly contested. Honourable mention goes to Martin Delpero for the best flipper run and John Keane with a neck and neck finish which came down to a video review to determine the winner. Nic Jansen won the on land navigation course, too bad he doesn't have the same skills in the water.

CCW 2012

The sporting activities continued late into the night as well, mostly as cage fighting between some of our female members, so good that it's likely spreading on youtube somewhere. As far as the gnome hunt, only one was found this year, the others were likely taken out by our Humpback friends. We can't name every diver that attended, whom all contributed their best performances ever, so here's to the TUDC team, thanks for the great weekend!
CCW 2012
Members are still revelling in their CCW experience, by telling stories where the fish gets bigger every time you tell it, on our Facebook page. So go there to check out the chatter, gossip, photos and videos from the epic Combined Clubs Weekend 2012, or check out this video of the awesome diving put together by Alan Beckhurst from Victorian Get Under Dive Club.

          - Nic Jansen

CCW 2012


News Around The Club

New TUDC boat is here and READY FOR ACTION!!!

We got to noticing that TUDC dives were getting pretty popular these days. Lately letters have been coming thick and fast to the suggestion box saying that we need a bigger boat. After scouring the world we found the funds and also this little gem hiding away in a little place near Sydney called Oyster Cove.

New Boat
Turned out she hadn't moved from her owner's driveway for a little while, and a few creepy crawlies had taken up resident in her hatch compartments...
New Boat
...even so, it was pretty clear that she was a sharp looking piece of equipment, with plenty of room on board for 8 divers and their kit. So we wrote a cheque, and sent a handsome man off to get our new boat!
New Boat
Luckily, we managed to scrape our funds and transport options together at the last minute, and she arrived just in time for CCW 2012!!!
New Boat
After a great day's diving the trip back to the boat ramp is short and very sweet, and with top speeds of up to 35 knots, everyone's hair dries very quickly..
New Boat
TECH SPECS [for all the boat nerds out there]
  • Length: 6.6 m
  • Power: 150 HP 4-stroke engine
  • Fuel capacity: 100 L internal tank
  • Pimpin' extras: 4 speaker radio (with extra iPhone dock!) and strip LED lighting
  • Diver capacity: licensed for up to 12 people, which means around 8 divers with two tanks and all gear. This is DOUBLE the capacity of Thumper!


TUDC "Name Our Boat" competition!

Now that our brand new boat is finally here, we're running a NAME OUR BOAT competition! So far our big assets include "Thumpin' Willy" (affectionately "Thumper"), and our Landcruiser towing vehicle "Dumper". The prize for the best picked name will be 2 x FREE boat dives (all gear included), and of course the glory of having the name forever immortalised and emblazoned on the side of our sexy new RIB. All you need to do is send us an email with your suggested names - you can enter as many times as you like! Entries close at the end of July and the winner will be announced in early August!


Upcoming SPECIALTY dive training courses

The Hobart Dive Shop (67a Argyle St - 6234 3428) still has some spots available for their upcoming Nitrox and Rescue courses in July. Ian is offering these at a great price, so now is the perfect time to upgrade your dive training. Remember that a Rescue Diver course is probably the most useful and important training course you can do as a recreational diver - you never quite know when you or your buddy could get into trouble, and learning how to handle these tricky situations gives you great peace of mind. If you're already an Advanced OW Diver and have been eyeing off some of the deeper dives on the calendar, a Nitrox course might be just the thing for you. Nitrox lets you stay at depth for longer without reaching your no-decompression limits, so is ideal for the dive junkies amongst you who want some extra bottom time exploring those deep sponge gardens.

Jump on the Dive Shop website now to make a booking for these courses!

  • PADI Enriched Air (Nitrox) - 18th July: $150
  • PADI Rescue Diver Course - 23rd July: $250

TUDC Merchandise - LAST CHANCE for pre-orders!!!

As you're probably seen from our shameless spruiking around the place, TUDC is making a line of fashion tees. We're poised to send these off to the printers, so now is your last chance to place a pre-order for sizes. Our introductory sale offer for June (now extended until 5 pm this Tuesday 3rd July) is just $25 per tee, but you MUST order by COB Tuesday to get this special deal!

Shoot your orders through to Full ordering instructions and detailed designs can be found here: [VIEW MERCH INFO]


Contribute and Win!

We love reading dive reviews as much as you do, and we're super keen for them to become a regular part of our newsletter. So we're offering EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU the chance to win a brand new, custom-fitted Seatec Commercial wetsuit (check it out here) courtesy of Ian at The Dive Shop Hobart. All you need to do is send us a review from a dive you've done recently. Seriously, that's it! Photos are fantastic but not essential. Simply reply back to this email with your latest dive review to go into the draw.

Each review submitted gives you one entry, so keep sending them through to maximise your chances. Competition will be drawn at the end of the year. Get writing!


Recent Dives

Kingston Beach (17th June) - Nic Jansen

As a perpetual deep, narked addict, and sponge gardens diver you wouldn't think Kingston Beach would be one of my favourite dives. Although it is super shallow and close to Hobart, it never ceases to surprise you and this day was no exception. I led the dive (my first as a dive officer!) with Liz Gillian and Kaitlyn Higgins. We slipped into the water late afternoon and found the visibility to be crap and with lots of surge. We swam by a few puffer fish and missed all the cool Fluksie type things I should be on the lookout for. After forty minutes we were about to call it quits and surprise, we were rewarded with a nice sea horse on a bit of kelp. Happy days.

Wedge Island (16th June) - Nick Corkhill

Wedge Island
"After a bit of a mix up with poor old Dumper the night before it was arranged the "The Fire Truck" would step in as the tow vehicle for the journey to White Beach. The alarm was set and after turning up a little early to the dive shed, the truck was packed and the meeting place of Sorrell Woolies was waiting. (Not Coles or the other servo down the road where I had to do a U-turn but Woolies).

It was a brisk morning, even in the sun, but 8 intrepid divers set out in 3 cars for the drive down. Upon arriving at the boat ramp we were met by a nice little 5-10 knots that never really eventuated into anything all day, which when added to the less than a metre swell made for quite a pleasant day on the water. The initial trip out to the island was nice and smooth and everyone enjoyed the comfortable ride that the new inflatable transport provided.

We headed for the south east corner of the island to decide on the appropriate dive profiles for the day. The first group of four were to drop in at 18 metres and head south and then turn in towards the shore to make the incline up the profile depths to try and avoid one of those pesky blue water safety stops which didn't really happen but was good to do all the same. The dive went well. Plenty of life to take in with differing structure of boulders and gaps to swim through. I was reminded of my dive course where I was told that not checking your gear can really ruin your day if it's not in proper working order. Sufficed to say, I certainly am glad that I had that spare mask packed for the second dive, otherwise the day could potentially have been a struggle with a mask that wouldn't let you see out of it. (Never assume that a mask that you bought for your darling wife a few years ago had been given the old toothpaste treatment just because that's what everyone does. Don't they?)

With the first dive over, the second crew were in. the plan was a similar profile stretching out to approximately 30 metres where a couple of lonely male crays were found wandering around and all seemed to have a good dive. Albeit cold as well. Dive 3 for the day was closer to the cliffs. Dropping in under the Sea Eagle that had been watching over us and swimming east around the drop off line hoping for a good view. There was an abundance of wrasse and other fish as well as a handful of Abalone and plenty of female crayfish in berry, showing great promise for the populations to come. Unfortunately the temperature hadn't risen and the visibility had gotten less but the diving was still very enjoyable. I would really enjoy going back to this spot on a bright summer day to see the difference.

The last dive of the day was a change in location to the western side of the southern face of the island. The wind had dropped off and the sun poked its head out for while so those on the surface could warm up a little and enjoy their lunch. All in all everyone enjoyed their dives.

The return home was a bit slower what with all the wet gear in the boat and the few drops of water that were in the bottom, but once back everyone chipped in to get the boat unpacked and back on the trailer for the journey home.

Personally I had a great day. Meeting new people, diving new places and testing out the towing capacity of the crewman. A Wedgetastic day really. Thank you to everyone for the day and to Big Cash for organising it. I can't wait for the next one."

For Nick and Nic's efforts with these reviews, both go into the draw to win a brand new custom-cut Seatec wetsuit, courtesy of The Hobart Dive Shop. See the "Contribute and Win" section in this newsletter to learn more!


Gear Classifieds

We often have members wanting to trade up gear, so what better way to advertise your needs than in our classified section! Drop us an email if you have anything you're looking to buy OR sell and would like to post it here for next month.


TUDC brand spankin' new gear Contact: or check out the goods at the TUDC Dive Shed, any Thursday between 6:00 and 6:30 pm

Member's pre-loved gear Both are less than 6 months old, in new condition with warranty, prices up for negation. Contact: TIM on 62278978 or 0458001550 for more info.
dive calendar signups

Upcoming Dives & Events

July 7th - Betsey Island Shipwreck Graveyard

Since 1916, the area to the west of Little Betsy Island has been used for the disposal of unwanted ships. This has created a huge concentration of 18-25m wreck dives very close to Hobart. Most of the hulls are intact and home to a vast array of marine life. The floating bridge sections are covered in massive yellow and white Jewel Anemones. While the tank divers are bubbling, any keen freediver can jump in for some spearfishing. A gorgeous and very safe dive site with plenty to see and some amazing structure and sea life. Even if you don't catch dinner, its well worth the look.
Contact - Tony

July 9th - Kingston Beach [night]
Easy night dive close to Hobart packed full of critters. Stargazers, dumpling squid, seahorses, stingrays and hermit crabs are all regular visitors. Contact - Emma

July 11th - Pub Night
Need some time out? Take a break at the TUDC Pub Night. Remember that Wednesday is cheap beer and pizza night! All new, old and prospective members are welcome, so come along for a beverage and/or a bite to eat. Please sign up so we can book a table big enough! Contact - dive calendar

July 19th - Conningham Beach [night]
Exploratory night dive off one of the Channel's prettiest little beaches. Seagrass beds with tiny pygmy leatherjackets are a star attraction. Timed to coincide with high tide for maximum visibility!
Contact - Emma

July 22nd - Orford
Exploratory diving around the clear waters of Spring Bay. Weather permitting, a run out to Maria Island or the Troy D shipwreck may also be on the cards. Contact - Britt

August 17th to 19th - Bicheno weekend
Some of the best temperate diving in the world - enormous and colourful sponges interspersed with ascidians, hydroids, sea whips, sea fans and anemones. Prolific fish life, huge granite boulders and swimthroughs. We'll be going deep this weekend, so strictly Advanced OW divers ONLY.
Contact - Pagey

September 1st - Isle de Phoque
One of Tasmania's most renowned seal colonies. The island also has one of the largest open sea caves in the southern hemisphere running directly underneath the island. Spectacular stuff! Contact - Pagey

September 9th - Lady Bay - DIVE SITE HUNTERS!!!
With the success of our first Dive Site Hunters dive to Trial Bay, we've hit the navigation charts and picked our next spot in the Southport area. Steep dolerite depths and close depth contours; unknown sites, currents and bottom composition. For exploratory advanced divers only! The aim of the Dive Site Hunters project is to discover new and exciting dive sites to expand the club's diving playground, so who knows what we'll find... Contact - Ben

September 14th to 16th - Maria Island weekend
Staying at Spring Beach (with our own jetty and pool room!), we'll be heading over to Maria Island each day. Recognised as one of the most biodiverse regions in Australia, the Maria Island Marine park showcases a spectacular array of fish, kelp and colourful invertebrates, providing a plethora of rewarding dive sites both deep and shallow. Weather permitting, the The Troy D shipwreck may also be dived (Advanced open water required). Contact - Pagey

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