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Hello fellow divers!

As some as you may remember, the past month has been a busy one for us, as June means one thing - Combined Clubs Weekend! We had a great TUDC representation once again and by all reports a fantastic weekend was had by all. Unfortunately I booked flights to Indonesia in January without thinking and the two clashed. However, the diving in Menjangan and Lembongan was sensational and if you want to join a tassie crew heading across next year, click here!

On the note of CCW, it is back to our turn to organise it next year. If anyone is keen to be on the TUDC-CCW organising sub-committee please let us know. TUDC has a high reputation to uphold as far as CCW's go, so let's make 2014 the best one yet! You may have missed CCW in the past as it falls in the uni exam period every year, but we are planning a special TUDC Amazing Race / scavenger hunt / end of year party after the final exams so that everyone can attend. Put November 30 in your diaries now!

If you've been keeping up to date with TUDC news (which you are of course doing), you would be aware that we've had some terminal issues with both Trojan's trailer and our 4WD, Dumper, which has been keeping us busy behind the scenes. Although the build has taken slightly longer than we would have hoped, Trojan's brand new trailer is almost complete and we should take delivery in the next week or two - which will mean a flurry of dives showing up on the dive calendar. The search for a replacement vehicle for Dumper is on in earnest, so please let us know if you're aware of any good-looking buys.

Lastly, we hope you are all still managing to get diving over this chilly winter period, and remember that we offer CHEAP week-long gear rentals. Pop up to the shed with your mates on a Thursday, grab some gear, and get out and blow some bubbles!

- John Keane, TUDC President

Bicheno CCW

Featured Dive Review

Combined Clubs Weekend - 7th-10th June

"The CCW is a little bit like New Year's Eve. Every year there's this huge build-up to it and expectations run high. And, on my 4th consecutive year of CCW attendance, (not entirely like NYE) I'm yet to be let down. What a weekend!

The TUDC had 18 divers attend, and across the 6 clubs that attended I hear there were over 160 divers, making for a fantastically buzzing atmosphere throughout the normally sleepy seaside town of Bicheno. The TUDC had our trusty sea steed Thumpin' Willy running divers to and from dive sites all weekend; meanwhile others enjoyed some of Tassie's best shore diving straight off the rocks/sand/breakwater.

All the usual annual events and activities were a hit as always, including the golf ball hunt, the gnome hunt and the Scubalympics. Scubaventures ran free seascooter try-dives over two mornings. Two of our members Damien Brockie and Dan Haley were in the right place at the right time and had a truly spectacular encounter with a pod of bottlenose dolphins, keeping up with them effortlessly with the aid of scooter-power. Enough said about that from me - let the video footage speak for itself, make sure you check it out here! Rubens also ran rebreather (closed circuit) try-dives in the pool at Bicheno By The Bay. A fascinating experience with near-silence and no bubbles.

The fun times kicked on into the evening at the town hall. On Saturday night we enjoyed informative presentations from field experts on Tasmania's sharks, rebreather units and cave diving. On Sunday, we were entertained by the judging of the photo competition, a presentation on RedMap, a raffle full of scuba goodies big and small, and of course the screening of the video competition entries. All this accompanied by good food and wine of course. The video competition theme this year was David Attenborough does Gangnam Style. TUDC's entry features Gangnam-stylin' divers, sea dragons, gnomes, disco balls, it even features our VP in a mankini... Yup. Check it out (you know you want to) here.

As for the final points tally...

  1. Go Dive = 70 points
  2. TUDC = 56 points
  3. Sea Green Dive = 53 points
Yep, that's right - we've been knocked off our perch! Well done to Go Dive, winners of CCW 2013! Thanks are extended to all the club members who helped with boating, compressor running and who made the weekend such fun, but an extra especially fuzzy warm thank you goes out to Emma Flukes and her super dooper organisational skills which made it all happen.

Check out the report of the weekend online here. Until next year..."    - Laura Pics from CCW

Click the thumbnails above to see more pictures from the weekend in our Facebook album!


News Around The Club

New trailer for Trojan almost ready

After a number of delays due to other unforeseen work commitments by the builder, the new you beaut tandem trailer for Trojan is almost ready and we are hopeful of taking delivery before next weekend (13-14th July).

For the uninitiated, "tandem" means we have two axles and four wheels, with much greater carrying capacity than the previous single axle trailer which looks very much like a stop-gap measure on the part of the previous owner. Each of the four springs are rated to 500kg, giving us a total carrying capacity (incl trailer frame itself) of 2 tonnes.

The springs are single leaf, galvanised steel, meaning no nooks/crannies for dirt and salt to collect, reducing corrosion problems; the remainder of the trailer is built from rust-free large-dimension light-weight aluminium and should give many years of service. It's so light that when I visited today, I was able to lift the frame and front axle, including wheels and braking system completely off the floor and that's less than two weeks after an arthroscopy on my knee. The trailer is braked (front axle only), meaning that it can be towed by most medium to large vehicles.

The new trailer has a slightly longer draw-bar than usual; this gives improved control when reverse manoeuvring etc, something we'll all be happy to take advantage of.

So get ready because the mighty Trojan will very soon be Back in Business.

Trojan propellor

Once we have Trojan back in harness and safely ensconced behind the razor wire at Olinda Grove, Mat the Mechanic, our friendly service agent will be fitting a new shallower pitched prop to the Honda 150 outboard for us to trial. We are hopeful that this will give us a noticeable improvement in performance and make getting the boat up onto the plane much easier, which is not only quicker and more comfortable but more fuel efficient too. Did I also mention that it will make her more fun to ride for the revheads amongst us too? No, I thought not, and it's a good job, too....because I didn't. :-)

FROM THE DIVE SHED - Taming that Octopus

Very early on in our training, we're taught about that vital piece of kit, the octopus regulator; whilst this might be useful to its owner in the event of a malfunctioning primary second stage, such as a lost mouthpiece or a punctured diaphragm, its real use is as an alternate air supply for your buddy in the event of an Out Of Air emergency. To do this effectively, your occie regulator needs to be visible, accessible, easily taken and importantly, not damaged or full of sand and shell grit, such as can happen with an unsecured, trailing octopus such as in this photo I took of a Divemaster (who should have known better) whilst on a trip to Thailand.

Prevailing doctrine says that to be visible and accessible, the occie should sit in a triangle between the shoulders and waistbelt of the donating diver's BCD. The risk of damage to a trailing occie is not just theoretical either; I was present some years ago on a dive on the Nord when a diver trapped a second stage in some wreckage and actually managed to rip it off the hose; fortunately it was from his deco-gas tank rather than main air supply and all he suffered was an extra 40 minutes of decompression. As it was there was a huge cloud of bubbles until he'd turned the tank off but had it been an occie regulator on a single tank rig (as most of us dive), he would have lost his whole air supply in a couple of minutes, which is not something you really want to happen on a dive to 40m.

There are a number of commercially available octopus clips, some of which are on some of TUDC's BCDs which a lot of you would be accustomed to using such as this simple moulded plastic device which you push the occie hose into. Other more expensive options include the delightfully named "scumball", which holds the mouthpiece and protects it from entry by sand etc. Scubapro do a nifty octopus retainer which plugs into the mouthpiece, again keeping muck out of the regulator.

There are also various other devices available, including magnetic holders and, breakable straps, all designed to clip onto a shoulder D-ring or similar. Home-made setups with a dog-snap clip held on by an O-ring secured with a zip-tie are also used by some; the donating diver can unclip the occie from the shoulder D-ring and calmly pass it to the OOA diver, as per the PADI/SSI manual, or, more likely the OOA diver will just grab it anyway and the O-ring acts as a weak-link breakaway. If the OOA diver can't break the o-ring then the logic goes that he/she isn't yet desperate enough!

Another solution which can be used with our own club BCDs (and indeed most conventional jacket type BCDs), is to make a loop in the occie hose and feed it into the space between the shoulder strap and the main part of the BCD fabric (someone tell me what this is called!!); in this position, it is securely held, at the diver's shoulder where it is both visible and accessible and whilst firmly held by the tightened shoulder straps, it is still very easily deployed, by either the donating diver or the OOA diver who may or may not be in something of a panic), simply by grabbling and pulling. You'll find that it will stay here quite happily for the whole the dive and neither you nor your buddy will be left wondering where your occie is if things turn to sh*t. If you have difficulty threading the hose into the BCD shoulder, ask your buddy to help you - this will also emphasise to your buddy where to find the octopus in an emergency.

One other thing to think about here is that if a panicking diver can't see or get hold of your occie, then he/she will in all probability go for the next best thing, the one she/he CAN see - the one in your mouth; (and in practice they may do this anyway). If this happens, you need to be able to find your occie so that you can start to breathe again and fast! Until you can do this, you are effectively the OOA diver and if it's trailing behind you somewhere or stuck/jammed into a BCD pocket, you may have a real problem on your hands with only seconds to find it, so it's as much in your interest as in your dive-buddy's to make sure that your occie is easy to access and use, for BOTH of you.

A good article which goes into more detail on octopus reg stowage, air sharing via octopus regs and other alternate air supply systems here

Cheers! - Gear Officer Richard.

"A Day With the Professors" - mixed gas diving experts talk at Hyperbaric Conference

We've been advised of a special tech diving information opportunity that has been opened up to the Tasmanian diving community. On 10th August 2013 there will be a Hyperbaric Technicians and Nurses Association (HTNA) Conference held in Hobart. The HTNA has extended a invitation to the Tasmanian Diving community to come along to this event. A full day will be dedicated to five Diving and Mixed gas specialists presenting papers to the public. This will be a day where the divers will also be able to ask question to the leading experts of their field.

Unfortunately this event is not free (awwww); however, you have plenty of time to save! You can register online now at [price includes lunch and morning/afternoon tea].

Check out the flyer of the event (click image on right) for more info, or contact Corry Vandenbroek at, 03 62228322

Entertainment Books

TUDC is still selling the new 2013/14 Entertainment™ Books for just $60, with $12 from every book sold benefiting the club's fundraising efforts (MOAR BOATS!). If you haven't come across these before, The Entertainment Book is a local restaurant and activity guide providing hundreds of 25% to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers from fine restaurants, cafes, attractions, activities and accommodation. Even if you only leave the house twice a year, you'll make your money back and then some. Seriously. Massive savings to be had if you're a social butterfly!

Books are available now. Buy them here!

  • Get 25% off the total bill (including beer/wine) at Squires, Metz, Custom House, Quary, Annapurna, Raincheck Lounge, Written on Tea, Me Wah, Maldinis, Royal Thai, La Porchetta and dozens more.
  • Buy one get one free meals at Shippies, Jam Jar, Taj Palace, Henry Jones, Drunken Admiral, Mezethes and dozens more.
  • PLUS. Free admin/discounts to major tourist attractions, coffees, baked goods, golf courses, movie hire, free maccas and KFC and 20% off wine vouchers
  • PLUS you can get %5 off all groceries, petrol, liquor - All year!!!
If you have any questions, please contact John Keane on 0488 575 444 or shoot him an email at


We like to keep things fresh for you.

Every month, we will advertise another special for gear hire or discounted dives. It'll be valid for the entire duration of that month (or as specified by the deal). So check this space regularly to score yourself some bargains!



Cheap dive courses available to TUDC Members

For those of you yet to get certified, Ian from The Hobart Dive Shop (67a Argyle St - 6234 3428) is once again offering a fantastic price on Open Water courses exclusively to Tas Uni Dive Club members.

The following courses have just been posted up for May & June - jump on the Dive Shop website now for full dates and to make a booking!

  • PADI Open Water Course - from 22nd July: $295 (for TUDC members!)
  • PADI Advanced OW Course - from 17th August: $350
  • PADI Open Water Course - from 26th August: $295 (for TUDC members!)
Remember, the cheap deals on the OW courses (usually $375 each) are exclusive to TUDC members, so make sure you mention you're from the Tas Uni Dive Club!


Recent Dives & Happenings

Time-delay [Tropical] Tentacle Torture - by Sparky

Tropical diving is awesome; and Sparky was lucky enough to bask in some Balinese balminess with his lovely wife and enjoy a few incredible coral wall dives on Menjangan island again this year.

Getting there is ridiculously cheap - try $520 from Hobart return, with baggage. Plan ahead, ie now! Diving is even cheaper, with shore dives costing just $10 (using nitrox!), and double boat dives to distant sites $60 including lunch and all the other good perks. Accommodation $30 (total for 2 people with breakfast) - great food, excellent private ensuite air-conditioned rooms.

So we're there and snorkelling around and wondering why we didn't do it years ago, when I exit the water and notice a red splotch on my side. There's no pain or anything, so I thought nothing more of it. until a few hours later when the burning was unrelenting and the blisters appeared the following day.

So, always apply the vinegar as it won't make it any worse. In fact, take it with you because there ain't any on the beaches out there. Good dive boats have it in their kit, apparently it's pronounced 'chooka'. Just 100ml or so in your dive kit could make all the difference. And in case it does blister, have some antiseptic cream or Betadine (better) and occlusive dressings. That way you won't be heading home early with more serious stinger sequelae and / or tropical skin infection. Luckily I was fine, but man did I regret ignoring simple first aid.

So get over to Bali with the crew in 2014 - and review your diving first aid and rescue, coz you and your dive buddies are your best insurance!


Gear Classifieds

We often have members wanting to trade up gear, so what better way to advertise your needs than in our classified section! Drop us an email if you have anything you're looking to buy OR sell and would like to post it here for next month.


BRAND NEW DUI-brand drysuit undergarment, rated down to -2°C, keep yourself toasty warm! Still in original packaging.
RRP $600, selling - $350 ONO! [SEE SPECS]
  • Contact - Emma ( for more info.

  • BRAND NEW Oceanic Dive Computer! Still in original packaging.
    RRP $600 [SEE SPECS]
  • Contact - Elias ( for more info.

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    Upcoming Dives & Events

    July 10th - Pub Night
    Exams are over! Take a break at the TUDC Pub Night. Remember that Wednesday is cheap beer and pizza night! All new, old and prospective members are welcome, so come along for a beverage and/or a bite to eat. Please sign up so we can book a table big enough! Contact - dive calendar

    July 13th - Clarence Point NORTHERN dive
    The second clean-up dive in the Tamar estuary! Located just near Garden Island. This site will be a good place to have a look around and pull out some treasures or creative "debris"... Note this diving is absolutely FREE! Contact - Masa

    July 14th - Pierson's Point
    Nice and close to Hobart, we'll launch out of Kingston Beach and check out some of the underwater life in this newly-protected extension of the Tinderbox Marine Reserve. Beautiful easy boat diving amongst small kelp forests, large lobsters, schools of feeding trumpeter, the odd visiting giant stingray, and heaps more! Contact - Elias

    July 20th - Isle de Phoque
    One of Tasmania's most renowned seal colonies beneath an island packed with underwater caverns. A truly breathtaking wildlife experience. Contact - Ness

    July 27th - Hounds Tooth / Keane's Crack
    On the outside of Bruny Island, rocky reefs carpeted with thick seaweed assemblages give way to masses of invertebrate life and sponge beds. And amongst it all, an as-yet unexplored network of tunnels. For those of you who enjoy a bit of deep crack penetration. Advanced Open Waters ONLY. Contact - Sparky

    July 28th - Cape Maurouard
    One of TUDC's favourite dives. The cape is past eastern-most point of Maria Island. Steep drop-offs on into 40m petrollod by large schools of Butterfly Perch, carpeted in colourful sponges, sea whips and hydroids. Advanced Open Waters ONLY. Contact - Sparky


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