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Howdy bubbleraptors,

Some of you particularly astute folk may have noticed that it is not, in fact, the beginning of the month, which is when you've come to expect this fine newsletter of yours... while this tardiness is a little bit because February caught us by surprise by bein' so damn short and all, it's mostly because we had SO MUCH content to jam in! So rather than talk about all the things we have to talk about, how about you just dive right in? No pun intended... much...

- TUDC Exec 2013

Cleanup Dive

Featured Dive Review

Clean Up Australia Day - 3rd March

"A dozen divers turned up on an amazingly beautiful Sunday to help remove some marine debris from our waterways. Under a clear blue sky, the boat was launched and the divers were eager to dive in and get their hands dirty!

The target area was in front of the Casino, and it wasn't long before (and as expected) dozens of bottles and glasses were being hauled to the surface. Other Casino items such as dining plates and bowls, golf balls from the not-so-putt-putt course, the No. 1 hole marker, No Smoking signs and outdoor dining chairs were brought up. Unfortunately there were no piles of Casino chips or wedding rings from lovers' tiffs... Other items of note were car tyres, a fishing rod, a Subaru hubcap, various building materials and a mystical crystal ball.

Big thanks to all the divers who pulled out rubbish, Stu Gifford for his surface support and wash-down assistance, Veolia for the skip bin and Ian from The Dive Shop Hobart ( for supplying free tank fills for the day.

Until next time - Keep Australia Beautiful!"

          - Johnny


News Around The Club

Eaglehawk Neck funderaiser event

As part of the 'Support the Peninsula' dive day held on Sunday the 24th Feb, a number of dive clubs made their way to the Peninsula to help promote that everyone is open for business and that the Tasman is still one of the most stunningly beautiful areas of coastline that our state has to offer.

TUDC would like to announce that our mission of booking and filling the Eaglehawk Dive Centre dive boat was a success (thanks to some eager local divers and TSAC member for taking up spots as well!), with TUDC putting up our share of $284.75 towards the charter. A huge thanks to Karen and Mick (and their dive team) for taking over 30 divers across 5 boats all the way towards Tasman Island for an unbelievable set of dives on the untouched depths. And we can't forget the BBQ spread and abalone (caught by one of the locals I believe?!) that the dive centre put on for all of the clubs. Incredible!
Eaglehawk Neck fire fundraiser To top it off, TUDC would also like to announce that all monies raised above fuel and charter costs will be donated to the Australian Red Cross and BlazeAid bushfire appeals. Our divers raised another $417.19 to split between the two great organisation to help those affected by the fires.

Great job TUDC divers, the Eaglehawk Dive Centre crew, and the other club members from TSDC and TSAC who came along and made it an epic day on the water. SUCCESS!

Eaglehawk Neck fire fundraiser

New chapter of TUDC begins in Launceston - street reporter Masa

Late last year, 4 sets of dive gear was sent up to Launceston to start up the TUDC northern chapter. Nothing much happened during the summer break, but as more students came back on campus for the new semester, the TUDC northern branch got huge interest from students, staffs as well as non-UTAS people.

Although it was raining on the O-day, almost 30 people signed up and many people showed their interest in underwater adventures. Because of the rain, we did not have as many people as we usually have on the O-day. So, we held a TUDC north meeting on the 6th March to let more people know about the club! The purpose of the meeting was to explain what we can offer and how to and where to find TUDC activities and information. We also introduced about the club and diving to non-members/divers.

Around 60 people attended the meeting, and I was quite surprised with the number of divers who are actually very keen to get into the water, but just hadn't done much just because there weren't many opportunities around Launceston area. ...yes! We can offer more opportunities for these divers!! The most frequently asked questions during this 2 hours meeting were "when are you organising a dive trip up north?" and "how can I join the club?". Sounds like there will be more people singing up soon!! Look forward to bubbling in the northern region of Tassie waters!!

NEW!!! LAUNCESTON Dive Shed Opening Hours

With our expansion into the north of the state COMPLETE, we are pleased to announce that the Launceston dive sheds will now be opening weekly every Thursday between 5:00 and 5:30 pm. The shed is dark green and is located near the on-campus football field right next to a huge AMC shed (currently under renovation). Follow the narrow path and you should find our friendly northern crew who are dying to rent you some gear!

WINNER of TUDC Societies Day raffle drawn!

Congratulations to Pawel Gajewski, the winner of the TUDC Societies Day Raffle! Pawel wins a choice of a PADI Advanced Open Water course or a PADI Rescue Diver course, worth over $295, courtesy of Scubaventures! Well done Pawel!

Technical Officer update on Trojan

Divers! As you know, we've been busy working on Trojan and getting the fitout for diving just perfect. We are super stoked to report that we now have a new auxiliary, a fully serviced and functioning main motor (we fixed the fuel delivery issues on Friday, just in time for Bicheno!), an 18 tank rack, and stacks of safety features and additions including the styling new swing ladder.

Take a look next time you're at the Dive Shed or on a club trip, and give us your feedback. We're still working through the best way to store and use our fuel (single stainless tank vs a number of plastic portables), and we are eager for feedback on the new lifejackets and ratlines to clip your gear onto while you're exiting the water.

So email us your comments or talk to your Dive Officer, and help us make your club assets even more useful! Check out more photos from the kit-up here on our Facebook page.

Underwater Festival 2013 - Photographers, get your cameras ready!

It may feel like 2013 has just started, but it's only 6 months til the 2013 Australasian Underwater Festival kicks off. Never heard of it? Don't worry! this great event has a great website (see it here) that you can visit to check out all the action from previous years!

Essentially, the Underwater Festival is a month-long photo shootout running across the whole month of September. Photographers from 25 countries all over Australasia (including, of course, Australia!) are invited to take photographs during this period and submit them to the competition for a chance to win some fantastic prizes. Described as 'not unlike an underwater Earth Hour', the aim of the event is to highlight Australasia's underwater beauty and showcase what we've got to lose in this bioregion.

So, underwater photographers, head over to the website to check out previous winners and some of the fantastic prizes. Grab your cameras and start practicing now, because come September you only have 30 days to snap your very best photos. Let's do Tassie proud and show the rest of the world the amazing critters and scenery that cold water diving has to offer!

REDMAP needs your help!

Redmap Tasmania has generated a report card based on your data and they now need your feedback! Committed divers and fishers in Tasmania have been logging sightings of species that are 'out-of-range' for Redmap ( since 2009. Redmap has analysed three years of data and generated a series of results, including which species are more likely to be shifting their ranges further south. The key findings will now be shared via a report card with those who have played a seminal role in gathering the data, government organisations and the wider public.

To maximise the worth and impact of the report card, Redmap is seeking feedback on a draft version, particularity relating to the appropriateness and meaningfulness of results presented, ease of understanding and overall design. If you have ever logged a sighting, or have a keen interest in the project please email Lucy at - you will receive a copy of the draft report card to comment on (in an email or word document) by Thursday the 21st of March. Upon receiving your comments Redmap will enter you into a draw to win a $100 voucher from Southern Tasmania Divers!


We like to keep things fresh for you.

Every month, we will advertise another special for gear hire or discounted dives. It'll be valid for the entire duration of that month (or as specified by the deal). So check this space regularly to score yourself some bargains!



Cheap dive courses available to TUDC Members

For those of you yet to get certified, Ian from The Hobart Dive Shop (67a Argyle St - 6234 3428) is once again offering a fantastic price on Open Water courses exclusively to Tas Uni Dive Club members.

The following courses have just been posted up for February & March - jump on the Dive Shop website now for full dates and to make a booking!

  • PADI Advanced OW Course - from 6th April: $350
  • PADI Open Water Course - from 15th April: $295 (for TUDC members!)
  • PADI Rescue Diver Course - from 6th May: $295
  • PADI Open Water Course - from 13th May: $295 (for TUDC members!)
Remember, the cheap deals on the OW courses (usually $375 each) are exclusive to TUDC members, so make sure you mention you're from the Tas Uni Dive Club!

Some more upcoming dive course dates

Southern Tasmanian Divers (212 Elizabeth St - 6234 7243) also have a number of upcoming dive courses on their calendar. Check out their website for more details.

  • Open Water Course (2 upcoming courses!)
    • from March 19th, April 16th


Recent Dives & Happenings

TUDC & Scubaventures Oxygen Provider Refresher

On the 16th of Feb, 10 members teamed up with Scubaventures and took part in a 2 hour Emergency Oxygen Provider refresher at Tinderbox. The overview of oxygen procedures, what to look out for in divers that you suspect may need emergency oxygen, and a few fun practical workshops on applying divers (both conscious and unconscious) with O2 were loads of fun. Scubaventures took everyone through the mask+bag, demand regulator, and even a few CPR and mouth to mouth scenarios to keep people on their toes. A few of the guys seemed to like certain scenario's a little too much :)

Scubaventures 02

After playing on the feel good gas, the crew took full advantage of the stellar day and dived both reefs afterwards. While the vis wasn't crash hot, two teams of divers managed to stumble across the larger tyre reef, and the washing machine/car reef as well. Loads of fish life around, which is good to see, and a good school of mackerel hung around in the shallows.

It was great to see a lot of our more senior members come along to polish their emergency response skills. If I were you, I'd pick one of them as my buddy next time I hit the water!

After everyone pulled themselves from the water, we lit up the BBQ and chilled out to Dave's beats and a few beers. Lush day on the water AND feeling safer :) Big congratulations to Brendan Gogarty for winning the lucky door prize of a $100 Scubaventures voucher, to be used on any Scubaventures course in the next year!

Check out more photos from the day here!

Bicheno long weekend - 9th to 11th March - E-train

"A massive crew of sixteen divers descended on Bicheno for the Labour Day long weekend. With a killer forecast and divers filling up both the Leprechaun Wishing Well establishment and the Lovely Holiday Home, the weekend was set to be a cracker from the start.

Saturday bought some northerly winds which chopped up the seas a little, but didn't stop divers dropping in like fighter bombers all around Governor Island. Open Water divers reported some phenomenal bubbling around Bird and Muir's rocks, while Sparky and the other Advanced divers came up salivating from deeper waters with tales of sponges and swimthroughs and sea whips. Narcosis notwithstanding, Bicheno was really putting on a show.

Mid-afternoon, a crew of divers having just surfaced noticed a bunch of gannets going crazy just Governor Island. Upon closer inspection, the birds weren't the only frenzied animals. Dolphins, seals, penguins and squid were also kamikazing about chasing the baitfish; with the water transformed into a snowstorm of fish scales. TUDC's Steve Irwins threw on some fins and jumped in the water to catch some of the action, leaving poor Sparky and Libby on the boat desperately counting divers to make sure none disappeared into a shark. We're pleased to report that nobody came back missing any limbs, and some great footage was taken of the feeding frenzy! Keep an eye on the Facebook page for more...

Sunday bought with it calmer winds and more magnificent dives, including some serious and highly successful dragon hunting missions in Waub's. An earlier finish to the day allowed time for a quick shower before heading off for some mild debauchery at Bicheno's Rockpool festival. After a big night of tunes and world-class dance moves, a tired but happy crew made their way back to Hobart in leisure on Monday morning. An all-round blinder of a weekend. Can't wait for all this and more again in June for the Combined Club's Weekend!"

As a side-note, Sparky pointed out how multicultural our dive club is becoming, with a combination of Swiss, Austrian, Malay and Canadian (sorry Nic, we can't always understand you, you're still foreign) divers mingling over the weekend. We're sure it's only a matter of time before TUDC receives an Order of Australia award for our cultural diversity...

Check out more snaps from above and below the water on our Facebook page here. Save them to your desktop and look through them sadly every morning to remind yourself of what you missed out on... and get yourself along to the next TUDC trip!

dive calendar signups

Upcoming Dives & Events

March 16th-17th (whole weekend) - Derwent Spotted Handfish surveys!
We're looking for divers willing to assist with Spotted Handfish surveys in conjunction with the Derwent Estuary Program. FREE diving all weekend! Sign up on the dive calendar or email ( to express your interest. Contact - dive calendar

March 23rd-24th (whole weekend) - Derwent Spotted Handfish surveys!
We're looking for divers willing to assist with Spotted Handfish surveys in conjunction with the Derwent Estuary Program. FREE diving all weekend! Sign up on the dive calendar or email ( to express your interest. Contact - dive calendar

March 26th - Nutgrove Beach
Come check out what Nutgrove Beach has to offer for a leisurely after-work dive. Handfish? Seven-gilled sharks? You never know quite what might surprise you. Great dive for Open Waters. Contact - Em

March 27th - AGM
We will be holding this year's AGM at 6:00PM in the TUU building at the Sandy Bay University Campus. Come along and meet other divers, get a rundown on the year that was 2012, listen and have input into our plans for the 2013 diving year, and nominate yourself or your mates to be on the Club Committee. Pizza and beers will be provided for FREE so make sure you rally your diving mates to come along. Contact - dive calendar

April 6th - Tinderbox BBQ Open Day
To kick off the 2013 dive season we're having our annual open dive day down at Tinderbox. Get ready for a full day of diving, BBQ lunch, and snorkeling. The boat will be in operation from 9:30am and the site is suitable for divers of all levels of experience. Lucky 'door' prizes on offer, soft drinks for sale (and beers once the diving is done), and Scubaventures will be running free scuba review courses for those of us that want to ease back into diving slowly. But the best thing is.... the diving and the BBQ is FREE for members! Contact - dive calendar

June 8th-10th (whole weekend) - Bicheno Combined Clubs Weekend
The 8th annual Tasmanian Combined dive Clubs Weekend provides an opportunity for divers from all around Australia to come together for a weekend full of diving adventures. The event typically attracts over 100 divers resulting in all levels of experience and interests being catered for. Based at the iconic east coast town of Bicheno, the adjacent Governor Island marine reserve provides some of the best diving in Australia. Contact - dive calendar


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