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President's Spiel

Hey divers! It's been a huuuge month for TUDC, in terms of both diving and behind the scenes action. Over 30 members turned out for annual Open Day at Tinderbox which saw lots of sunshine, free diving and a BBQ. We also slipped in some fantastic diving down around the Tasman Peninsula, and had a social night covering the Lake Illawarra art exhibition. Your TUDC Executive also held an induction weekend where all old and new committee members learnt aspects of event running, vessel operations and safety procedures. All the new DO's are eager to get bubbling, and if you haven't checked out the dive calendar yet, there are 8 events already posted for this month!

Behind the scenes we are also going through the process of reaffiliation, which is the annual registration of the club with the TUU. Moreover, and more excitingly, we have placed an order for a new trailer for Trojan. The custom made trailer will have dual axels which will make it a lot safer to tow, and will solve all the loading problems we previously had. We're excited! And you should be too!

Safety has been a key priority for the club for some time now, influencing the way we run dives, responding to incidents and modifying our equipment. Next time you are on Trojan check out all the new safety modifications that have been made over the last couple of months; including grab-lines, auxiliary motor, new radio including redundancy, tank racks, radar reflector and lots more! We have also combined key elements of the Diver's Code along with operational procedures to produce a set of club rules. The rules promote safety to both the diver and the equipment, while ensuring everyone has FUN! We'll send these out shortly, and if you're not fully aware of the TUDC Diver's Code, you can check it out here.

Cheers, and safe bubbling!

- John Keane, TUDC president 2013


Featured Dive Review

TUDC Open Day (Tinderbox) - 6th April

"For a mid-autumn day in Tasmania, we couldn't have asked for better weather; Gentle breezes and sunny skies were inviting to the 30+ divers who turned up to TUDC's annual day of free diving (the no money kind, as opposed to the breath-hold kind) and BBQ-ing at Tinderbox.

Both our boats Trojan and Thumper ferried divers to and from dive sites throughout the day, while others enjoyed the beauty of the marine reserve straight off the shore. Although the vis was only average, divers reported relaxing and enjoyable dives - highlights included draughtboard sharks, pipehorses, seawhips and basket stars, amongst others. Thanks go to Scubaventures for bringing along underwater scooters for free trials - for those that aren't familiar with these, think hand-held propeller, think no finning, think reduced air consumption, think fun - highly recommended! Thanks also to The Dive Shop for the generous donation of a brand new mask, snorkel, fins set for a lucky door prize (won by Stuart Gifford, congrats!).

All-in-all a fantastic day of diving and socialising - looking forward to next year!     - Laura Images from Mistaken Cape

Click the thumbnails above to see more pictures in our Facebook album!


News Around The Club

TUDC offering discounted boat license courses

Each year TUDC offers its members the opportunity to become a licensed motor boat driver! The motor boat course is run by the Derwent Sailing Squadron's Sail Training Scheme and is "tailored to divers". It includes informative presentations on boat theory, diving safety and diving out of boats, flare deployment training and a 90 minute hands on practical session on the Derwent. Participants will sit the Marine and Safety Tasmania theory exam and at the end of the day be proud holders of a motor boat licence.

Courses normally start at ~$120, but we get a fantastic group discount (up to 33%) which brings the prices down to about ~$80 - The bigger the group, the bigger the discount! If you are interested please emails us before the end of May at

REDMAP Report Card released

Redmap Tasmania has generated a report card based on your data! Committed divers and fishers in Tasmania have been logging sightings of species that are 'out-of-range' for Redmap ( since 2009. Redmap has now analysed three years of data and generated a series of results, including which species are more likely to be shifting their ranges further south. The key findings have now been released - Check out the Redmap Report Card here.

Congratulations to Elias, the winner of the Redmap and Southern Tas Divers Report Card Review prize!

A bunch of people provided feedback last month on the draft version of the report card relating to the appropriateness and meaningfulness of results presented, ease of understanding and overall design. Elias wins a $200 gift voucher for his review to spend on whatever he wants at Southern Tas Divers. Special Thanks to Redmap and Southern Tas Divers for donating this wonderful prize. And a big thank you from Redmap to everyone who provided feedback.

"A Day With the Professors" - mixed gas diving experts talk at Hyperbaric Conference

We know this is early warning, but we've just been advised of a special tech diving information opportunity that has been opened up to the Tasmanian diving community. On 10th August 2013 there will be a Hyperbaric Technicians and Nurses Association (HTNA) Conference held in Hobart. The HTNA has extended a invitation to the Tasmanian Diving community to come along to this event. A full day will be dedicated to five Diving and Mixed gas specialists presenting papers to the public. This will be a day where the divers will also be able to ask question to the leading experts of their field.

Unfortunately this event is not free (awwww); however, you have plenty of time to save! You can register online now at [price includes lunch and morning/afternoon tea].

Check out the flyer of the event (click image on right) for more info, or contact Corry Vandenbroek at, 03 62228322

Entertainment Books

TUDC is again selling the new 2013/14 Entertainment™ Books for just $60, with $12 from every book sold benefiting the club's fundraising efforts (MOAR BOATS!). If you haven't come across these before, The Entertainment Book is a local restaurant and activity guide providing hundreds of 25% to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers from fine restaurants, cafes, attractions, activities and accommodation. Even if you only leave the house twice a year, you'll make your money back and then some. Seriously. Massive savings to be had if you're a social butterfly!

Books are available now. Buy them here!

  • Get 25% off the total bill (including beer/wine) at Squires, Metz, Custom House, Quary, Annapurna, Raincheck Lounge, Written on Tea, Me Wah, Maldinis, Royal Thai, La Porchetta and dozens more.
  • Buy one get one free meals at Shippies, Jam Jar, Taj Palace, Henry Jones, Drunken Admiral, Mezethes and dozens more.
  • PLUS. Free admin/discounts to major tourist attractions, coffees, baked goods, golf courses, movie hire, free maccas and KFC and 20% off wine vouchers
  • PLUS you can get %5 off all groceries, petrol, liquor - All year!!!
If you have any questions, please contact John Keane on 0488 575 444 or shoot him an email at

FROM THE DIVE SHED - what we've been up to...

Hi TUDCers, as recently appointed Major Asset Officer and Gear Officer, the people responsible for looking after the club's boats, compressor, tow vehicle and the dive gear hired out to members, we thought we'd take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. Richard Mason (Major Assets) has been diving since 1980, originally with Salford University Dive Club in the UK but also here in Tas since 1999; Tom Mackay (Gear) has been making bubbles on and off (and not just in his bath) since he was 16.

With 2 boats, a 4WD tow vehicle, compressor, tons of hire gear, a big box full of cornflakes and rice bubbles, miles of ropes, torches and a spacious shed and secure compound for storage, TUDC is simply THE best equipped club in the State and probably one of the best equipped in Australia. Keeping it all working safely is a major responsibility which is why the club has recently split this role into two positions.

It's been a big year so far for acquisition of new club assets and equipment; various members of the previous and current exec have put a huge effort into converting Trojan, our new you beaut rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB), from a Sydney North Shore type Floating Gin Palace into a proper "well 'ard" dive boat, with the installation of new diver friendly features like a ladder, tank rack, VHF radio, auxilliary outboard, radar reflector, clip off lines for divers in the water; expect in the future to see ratlines for y'all to hang off in the water and additional provision for storage. We are also working on installing a minibar but that's a work in progress. ?

Other possible improvements on the horizon include a new trailer with increased load capacity and better design for boat recovery at the ramp, making it quicker and easier with much reduced risk of hull damage.

One advantage of Trojan is that at 6.5+m in length, we are exempt from the requirement to wear lifejackets at all times and in practice, if you do go overboard whilst underway, you're likely to be wearing a wetsuit, so flotation and warmth is less of an issue than for the average boatie.

We still have an obligation to carry lifejackets/PFDs sufficient for all passengers and with storage space at a premium, Trojan is now equipped with 8 waistbelt PFDs; when not in use they look just like a bum-bag, which you clip around your waist. To deploy the new type PFD, simply clip the belt around your wait, bag to the front, unzip the top of the bag, pull out the horseshoe shaped bladder, fit it over your head and pull down on the adjusting straps to fit as per the pics below and pull on the inflator cord. (Do not do this until you are outside the aircraft)

How to show your love for our regulators

Lastly, looking after our club's precious hire gear (warning......rant incoming........take cover!)

Dive gear is generally well designed, (if overpriced), robust equipment which can take a lot of mistreatment, however there is one big, massive no no, and that's letting water get inside regulators. Once inside, it's difficult to remove and it really isn't good for the magical moving parts, particularly for SPGs (contents gauges). These are usually good for 10+ years of operation, however they don't like water inside 'em and this can happen if we don't look after the regs properly.

Just recently we've had to take two regs out of service because of sticky SPGs which either don't register or just stick; one of these regulators was found to contain water. Normally, they stick on zero but I once saw an SPG stick on 75 bars, even though the tank was almost empty - the potential consequences of this for the diver and his/her unlucky buddy are obvious. Also a service for a faulty regulator comes in at around $100 and a new SPG at ~$100 too, so there's a significant financial impost for the club as well.

There are three scenarios which can cause water ingress in a regulator and we've all done it at sometime or other. One is when changing over to a fresh tank, particularly on the boat, the other is when rinsing off in freshwater after the dive and drying the reg off. Remember that "naked" tanks sat on the deck of the boat when pounding through waves are gunna get wet, just like you, from salt spray; some of this nasty, corrosive salty water will lie in the top of the tank valve and be blown into the reg when you subsequently screw it onto the valve and turn the tank on. Avoiding this is dead easy; just crack the valve for half a second to blow any water out before fitting the regulator.

Next, when rinsing your regulator apres dive; please please, PLEASE ensure that the plastic cover is correctly fitted and firmly held in place by the A-clamp to prevent water ingress. Better still, fit the regulator to a tank (which should still contain 50 bars) and turn it on before sliding it into the rinse tank/bath. This will ensure that it gets properly rinsed but will prevent any water ingress. If you do rinse without a tank attached, NEVER press the purge button on the second stage whilst immersed or wet as this will allow water in too.

Lastly, if you think water has got into a regulator, please tell us as soon as you can, we won't bite your head off although Tom might give you a fairly intense death stare (but hey with prompt medical treatment, this is possibly survivable); if we know there's a problem, we can possibly get it fixed before too much damage is done. Whatever you do though, please don't connect it back onto a tank and turn it on.

You can find more info on regulator care here.

Cheers! - Tom and Richard.


We like to keep things fresh for you.

Every month, we will advertise another special for gear hire or discounted dives. It'll be valid for the entire duration of that month (or as specified by the deal). So check this space regularly to score yourself some bargains!



Cheap dive courses available to TUDC Members

For those of you yet to get certified, Ian from The Hobart Dive Shop (67a Argyle St - 6234 3428) is once again offering a fantastic price on Open Water courses exclusively to Tas Uni Dive Club members.

The following courses have just been posted up for May & June - jump on the Dive Shop website now for full dates and to make a booking!

  • PADI Open Water Course - from 13th May: $295 (for TUDC members!)
  • PADI Open Water Course - from 3rd June: $295 (for TUDC members!)
  • PADI Advanced OW Course - from 29th June: $350
Remember, the cheap deals on the OW courses (usually $375 each) are exclusive to TUDC members, so make sure you mention you're from the Tas Uni Dive Club!


Recent Dives & Happenings

TUDC Committee training weekend

We tried the idea of a training weekend for new Committee members initially 2 years ago, covering only the administrative aspects of running a big club, and found it to be very productive. Working tightly together as a team is the main reason we have ended up with some great grants from the ever-supportive TUU, a dive boat and tighter organisational protocols!

Our assets have grown to almost $90,000 worth comprising 2 dive boats, tow vehicle and diving gear and we have a rapidly expanding northern branch membership. This equipment needs constant love and care and the best way to achieve that it with a well-trained committee who can ensure it is well looked after to maximise your safety and diving pleasure.

Committee members fronted up at the dive shed at 06:30 on a cold Saturday morning as though we were actually running a dive weekend, so we're now all up to speed on the whole process of planning and running trips efficiently, safely and sustainably. On the way to Eaglehawk Neck Dive Centre we inspected the 2 finalists in the new trailer competition and decided on this major purchase over the weekend - it's under construction by a local business as you read this!
Committee training weekend
The rest of the day was spent going over both boats and learning the intricacies of trip preparation, trouble-shooting and safe operation. This was all put into practice the following day with a successful tensioned shotline deployment onto the Deep Glen Bay bommie and a very enjoyable dive. The dive plans had to account for varying qualifications and individual restrictions and challenging weather conditions allowed people to get a better feel for how the boats handled. Strong winds and large swells were catered for and good plans put in place as a result.

So instead of it taking half a year to get everyone up to speed, we're all on the same page at the same time, wooo! This is to become an annual event happening shortly after the AGM each year. Your committee has invested a whole weekend plus costs to make your diving safer and more enjoyable. Why? Because we love it :-)
Committee training weekend

"Darling: The bridge has gone" - photos from the TMAG exhibition

Committee training weekend Committee training weekend

dive calendar signups

Upcoming Dives & Events

May 8th - Crayfish Point
A sneaky after-work dive in the marine reserve at Crayfish point. Heaps of anemones, colourful sponges, huuuge crays and whatever else decides to poke its head out under torchlight... Contact - Dan

May 10th-12th (whole weekend) - Bicheno
Some of the best temperate diving in the world - enormous and colourful sponges interspersed with ascidians, hydroids, sea whips, sea fans and anemones. Prolific fish life, huge granite boulders and swimthroughs. Contact - Sparky

May 11th - MV Lake Illawarra (wreck)
130 m long, 35 m down, low visibility, strong currents, overhead environment, well and truly classified as "higher than usual psychological stress". If deep, dark and creepy is your thing... Advanced Open Waters ONLY. Contact - JPK

May 15th - Pub Night
It's not exam time...yet. Take a break at the TUDC Pub Night. Remember that Wednesday is cheap beer and pizza night! All new, old and prospective members are welcome, so come along for a beverage and/or a bite to eat. Please sign up so we can book a table big enough! Contact - dive calendar

May 18th - Ninepin Point
A fantastic little shore dive for both beginners and easoned divers. This site is one of only two marine reserves in SE Tassie, and is home to a unique assemblage of plants and animals in an unusual environment where tannin-rich freshwater meets nutrient-rich oceanic water. Huge crays, beautiful seaweed assemblages, and more! Contact - Laura

May 25th - Isle de Phoque
One of Tasmania's most renowned seal colonies beneath an island packed with underwater caverns. A truly breathtaking wildlife experience. Contact - Ness

May 25th - Tinderbox Marine Reserve
In search of the elusive tyre reef! Some great photographic opportunities, fantastic for all levels of experience, and the chance to be one of the few divers who have actually found this elusive reef... Contact - Elias

May 26th - Kelso Jetty note this is a NORTHERN dive
TWO dives are on offer here - one is a cleanup dive, in combination with the NCMCRS, and a second is just a fun dive under Kelso jetty. One of the lesser known sites for diving in the Tamar estuary, this site is packed with beautiful sponge gardens and seahorses on a gentle sand slope. Contact - Masa

July 6th and/or 7th - Eaglehawk Neck
The first day (6th) will be suitable for Open Waters, the second (7th) will be going deeper so Advanced OWs only here. There are a huge number of dive site options in this area including the famous Waterfall Bay, Deep Glen Bay, Fallen Cliffs, or of course the magnificent kelp forests in the area. Accomodation for the Saturday night is available at Eaglehawk Dive Centre if required. Contact - Sparky

*****June 8th to 10th - Bicheno Combined Clubs Weekend 2013!!!*****

The Tassie Combined dive Clubs Weekend provides an opportunity for divers from all around Australia to come together for a weekend of diving adventures. The event typically attracts well over 100 divers resulting in all levels of experience and interests being catered for. Based at the iconic east coast town of Bicheno, the adjacent Governor Island marine reserve provides some of the best diving in Australia.

Additional to the abundant dive sites, the weekend is full of social events, an underwater photography shootout, gear and industry displays, great prizes and competitions. If you haven't been to a CCW before, this is truly an event not to be missed.

This year, there will be some fantastic gear displays, including the opportunity to try out rebreathers! Check out the CCW website or the flyer (below) for more info. Contact - Em / website signup

NOTE: this is only FOUR WEEKS AWAY, so we need you to sign up NOW in order to lock in accomodation for this sought-after weekend!

CCW 2013 flyer


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