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Hey aquanauts,

Welcome to TANKED - the newsletter for people who appreciate that tight rubber suits are SO HOT RIGHT NOW. With daylight savings kicking in very soon (don't forget to change your clocks) and the depressing slow freeze of Tassie winter finally on its way out, we've all been bitten by the diving bug and can't get enough of getting wet! You'll notice that HEAPS of dives have been posted on the calendar recently, and with plenty more members doing their own casual dives and keen for a buddy or ten (keep an eye on our Facebook page for some networking opportunities), there's really no excuse not to get out bubbling.

As always, don't forget to take advantage of all the great gear the club has to hire every Thursday evening. Why dive for a day with us when you could rent gear for a week and do SEVEN DAYS straight? We reckon that's a much better use of your time. Your boss and lecturers will definitely understand...

- TUDC Exec 2012
Night diving

Featured Dive Review

CSIRO [night], 18th September

"Lined up on the end of a wharf are seven divers. One at a time, they step off, splashing into the river. The dark waters close over and they disappear from sight. Underwater lightning surrounds the photographers and bubbles give a clue, but from the surface, their whereabouts is uncertain.

This is the Derwent River; so badly polluted nothing lives except bacteria, surely there’s nothing there to see... right? Wrong! Instead, the divers find a seabed teeming with life. Jewel anemones poke out of the silt, filtering nutrients from the water moving by. Seastars cover the rubble, grazing on algae and searching for scraps. Crabs hide amongst the rocks, tiny feelers sweeping back and forth dragging particles into their mouths. Cowfish swim above everything.

There’s a lot of rubbish on the bottom: a folding chair lies under the wharf; it’s tonight’s home for a couple of leatherjackets. They shelter within the fabric, hiding from the noisy bubble blowing creatures descending to their world. Beer bottles stick out of the rocks. Hanging from their necks are seahorses; they are big and healthy. A breeder once told me that a large crown indicates a happy animal. I’m not sure of the science, but if it’s true, these are in heaven, with crowns to make any princess proud.

The seabed is grey silt. Soft and easily disturbed, the divers take care to avoid stirring up the sediment lest it cloud their vision. An alien landscape, flat and featureless, it’s home to creatures adapted to this bizarre environment. Holes pock the seabed, each one a carefully excavated den, the shelter for a squat lobster. Brilliant-orange jewel anemones blossom from the grey, their translucent tentacles capturing planktonic wanderers. The blue-grey tentacular fan of a sausage worm retracts in the blink of an eye; extremely sensitive to pressure changes, the movement of a diver triggers its disappearance.

Back on the rock wall, Shaw’s cowfish try and hide from the divers’ lights. Their striped body patterns are a gaudy display, easily spotted. The water is cold. At 11 degrees Celsius it’s warmer than the air, but the divers are soon chilled. Back on land, the memory of weightlessness soon fades and the reality of heavy gear and neoprene soon returns."

          - John Silberberg (check out JOHN'S WEBSITE for more pics and to read the full review!)


News Around The Club


unrelated image In the last 5 years, club run dives have increased from 20% to a whopping 90% of all dives done by members!!! Conversely less divers are going diving with their mates and are becoming more reliant on the club for all their diving needs. And frankly we think this is just silly... While the Exec try to run as many dives for you guys as possible, we would like to remind you that the club has SUPER DUPER AMAZINGLY CHEAPY McCHEAP GEAR HIRE, not once or twice a year, but EVERY WEEK! So come up to the dive shed on Thursday, grab some dive gear and go diving!

Prices are as follows:
  • BCDs - $10 each
  • Regs (inc. bottom timers, if requested) - $10 a set
  • Tank - $10
  • Weight belt, Torch, Wreck reel - all $5 each
Some great local shore dives include Ninepin Point, Kingston Beach, Blackman's Bay blowhole, Fortescue Bay, Primrose Sands, CSIRO, O'Possum Bay, Bichno breakwater, Verona Sands, Crayfish Point, Spring Bay.... and they're only a handful of the many within 2 hours from Hobart!

TUDC Northern Expansion set to kick off next month!

It's finally here, the official launch of the 'TUDC Northern Chapter'! What is this you ask? Well, with increasing interest from divers and students in the North of the state, the club voted and decided to package up 8 tanks, 4 BCDs and 4 reg sets and send them to Launceston (AMC) to launch our second Dive Shed in the depths of the North. This will give our divers greater flexibility when looking to dive further out from Hobart as well as encourage AMC and Uni students in the North to get into diving.

On November 25th, we'll be taking Trojan and Dumper and diving up and down the Tamar River. This will be a single day of diving, and we'll meet in Launceston (exact place TBA). For those that don't know, the Tamar has some epic bommies and great diving (albeit on slack tide!). If you're up for an explore, come along and meet our Northern members and get into a little river diving.

So let's kick off the expansion of our club with a bang! Information on drop zones can be found here!

Update on Dumper's recovery


With Dumper giving us a little grief over the last few months we took her down to our mechanic for a little TLC (ACE Diesel Services - even though its petrol, don't let it confuse you...). The engine checked out fine, and for the petrol heads out there we had the old carbie rebuilt and fixed up a few little niggles. While Dumper started and drove like a dream out of the workshop, we've since had trouble again with starting. We're working through it and looking at injectors and fuel pumps over the next few weeks but we're putting the call out there to everyone to see if you have the skills to help out? If you have a mechanic in the family who would be willing to check her out and give us some free advice it would be magic. Drop us an email if you can help save your club some cash!!

Limited Edition TUDC tees STILL AVAILABLE but selling fast!

Our TUDC threads are selling like hotcakes (anyone would think they're going out of fashion or something...), but we still have a handful left of both designs in assorted guys and girl's sizes. If you're keen to get your hands on one, make sure you shoot us an email at to let us know the size and style you're after. Get on it quick before they're all gone!

New TUDC tees!


This year's TUU raffle has kicked off, and we have 100 raffle books for you all to sell at work, to friends, family, hobos, basically anyone you can pedal them to. You can grab a few ticket books at our next pub night, or email us and we'll get them to you. Tickets sell for $2 each, and this year THE CLUBS GET 100%! That means for every ticket YOU sell, the TUDC gets the full $2. So get selling! A word of warning though, you'll have to compete with Andrew Pinner, who last year, managed to sell more than anyone combined.

Assorted pieces FOR SALE

We always have a designated Classifieds section (see end of page) in our newsletter, but we've had an influx of members wanting to sell old gear recently so we're doing a one time only SUPER FEATURE to clear it all out. Some fantastic bargains here, so get in early to secure a great deal!
  • GLOVES RUNOUT! Sizes: 5 x XXL, 1 x L, 1 x M, some Kevlar. All must go! Dive shed every Thursday.
    $10 only!

  • Men's size 6, two-piece 7mm WETSUIT (see pic at right). Almost new, just collecting dust! $150 ONO
    Contact - John (

  • Men's size Medium Long, one-piece 7mm WETSUIT (see pics below). Merino lined. Fits a little big, suitable also as a LARGE. Very stretchy and feels great to wear! price negotiable
    Contact - Daniel (phone 0488 082 162)


Some upcoming dive course dates

Southern Tasmanian Divers (212 Elizabeth St - 6234 7243) have a number of upcoming dive courses on their calendar. Check out their website for more details.

  • Open Water Course (3 upcoming courses)
    • from October 9th, Noveber 6th, December 4th
  • Advanced OW Course
    • from November 23rd

Upcoming SCUBAVENTURES courses

These guys are a brand new dive training school in Tassie, offering both basic dive training and more adventurous courses. Find out more via their website here:

Also check out the posters below (clicky click for larger images) for more info and course dates.


Contribute and Win!

We love reading dive reviews as much as you do, and we're super keen for them to become a regular part of our newsletter. So we're offering EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU the chance to win a brand new, custom-fitted Seatec Commercial wetsuit (check it out here) courtesy of Ian at The Dive Shop Hobart. All you need to do is send us a review from a dive you've done recently. Seriously, that's it! Photos are fantastic but not essential. Simply reply back to this email with your latest dive review to go into the draw.

Each review submitted gives you one entry, so keep sending them through to maximise your chances. Competition will be drawn at the end of the year. Get writing!


Recent Dives

Isle des Phoques (1st September) - video by Dave Waterhouse

On a sunny September weekender, 10 TUDC divers enjoyed a magical day out at Isle des Phoques. The seals were in a VERY playful mood... but rather than tell you about the dive, we want you to experience it for yourself. You know they say a picture speaks a thousand words, so how many words does a moving picture speak... check out this great video by Dave Waterhouse to find out!

Isle des Phoques seal video

We are going back for more furry fun in November, get on board!

Lake Osborne (15th September) - James Suttil

"Blessed with a rare warm, sunny day in early spring; Will and I (divers) and Simon and Min (Sherpa/tourists) set out from Hobart bright and early bound for Hartz Peak national park. After our scenic 1.5 hr drive down the channel we were eager to get to our task for the day – exploring Lake Osborne, a small glacial lake 20 minutes hike (and over a hundred metres in elevation) from the car park. We knew little about the lake from the offset with no one known to have dived it and Parks only being able to tell us tid bits of information including “you’ll need at least a 4mm wetsuit cause it never gets above 9°C” and “we aren’t really sure how deep it is but these types of lakes tend to be quite deep”.

Lake Osborne map

After the slightly surreal experience of loading a 12L steel tank into a hiking pack and stuffing all the other gear around it we were off! The amazing scenery of the Hartz Peak area was distracting enough to keep our minds off the weight of the loads we were carrying and the walk into the lake passed quickly, however the small patches of snow we passed hinted that perhaps we weren’t in for the warmest of dives. Upon arriving at the lakes edge all systems were go and we quickly hoped into our gear, made a dive plan (take a bearing on the far side of the lake and swim towards it) and jumped in. We were (pleasantly) surprised when we found the rock we were kitting up on dropped off straight off into neck deep water!

Lake Osborne

Once under the surface we bombed straight down the steep rock wall sides into a depth of 10 m where the lake bed seemed to flatten out. Our dive plan went quickly out the window and instead we decided to follow the lakes edge where the topography and rocks provided an interesting and unique diving environment. As we followed the shore we saw no signs of life (although there are frogs and trout in the lake) but the beautiful green colour of the water, the rock formations and the occasional dead tree more than made up for it. The visibility of the lake was a solid 10 metres until I settled on the bottom to take a photo and promptly silted us out. After cruising for about 20 minutes my buddy gave me the “I’m cold” signal (which was fair enough – the water was only 3°C and his gloves had holes in them) so we called it a day and ascended. After the swim back to shore we took an hour to eat some lunch and off-gas, packed up our kit and hiked out; fully satisfied and planning our next lake dive."

Lake Osborne

Southern Tas trip flyer

More Fun Stuff

Our friends at Southern Tas Divers are running their innaugural international dive trip, this time to the famous Trunk Lagoon, Micronesia. The trip is running from 12th-23rd November, and a full itinerary has already been planned out for your ultimate convenience! Check out the flyer on the right for more info.

Our other friends at TSDC (isn't it nice that we have so many friends!) have asked us to circulate the details for their upcoming dive trip, also to TRUK LAGOON! This one is happening a little later on, in early 2013. Truk sure sounds like it must be a pretty special place...

"As most of you know we have been working on a club trip to Truk Lagoon for May 2013. I have negotiated an itinerary for a 10 day - 19 dive trip plus a one night stopover in Cairns on the way home.

Dates are 20th - 30th May and have been arranged so we don't have to have stopover nights in Guam, cost is $3,195 ex Cairns and include the usual accommodation, transfers, tanks, weights & dive guide, bonuses include; welcome drink, nightly movies, use of kayak, snorkeling, dive locker, safety deposit box, and lunch on the last day.

As part of the planning process we identified that flights are getting booked up and becoming scarce to and from Guam in May, as such we have to confirm numbers shortly, hence I am circulating the quote / proposal for your consideration and discussion."

If you are interested, make sure you contact the TSDC crew ASAP to secure flights. You can contact Ashton at or call on 0419 885 810.


Gear Classifieds

We often have members wanting to trade up gear, so what better way to advertise your needs than in our classified section! Drop us an email if you have anything you're looking to buy OR sell and would like to post it here for next month.


See top of THIS newsletter for more details, summary below:
  • several pairs of gloves, assorted styles & sizes
  • 1 x men's 7mm two-piece wetsuit
  • 1 x men's 7mm one-piece wetsuit
dive calendar signups

Upcoming Dives & Events

October 6th - Betsey Island wreck graveyard
Since 1916, the area to the west of Little Betsy Island has been used for the disposal of unwanted ships. This has created a huge concentration of 22-32m wreck dives very close to Hobart. Most of the hulls are intact and are home to a vast array of marine life. The floating bridge sections are covered in massive yellow and white Jewel Anemones, and attracts hordes of school fish. Most of the wrecks are safe to enter, but Advanced Open Waters ONLY. Contact - JPK

October 7th - MV Lake Illawarra (wreck)
130 m long, 35 m down, low visibility, strong currents, overhead environment, "higher than usual psychological stress". If deep, dark and creepy is your thing... Advanced Open Waters ONLY. Contact - JPK

Octoper 10th - Pub Night
Need some time out? Take a break at the TUDC Pub Night. Remember that Wednesday is cheap beer and pizza night! All new, old and prospective members are welcome, so come along for a beverage and/or a bite to eat. Please sign up so we can book a table big enough! Contact - dive calendar

October 12th - Nutgrove Beach
An easy after-work shore dive on dusk. On the lookout for spotted handfish, 7-gilled sharks, and who knows what else! Contact - Emma

October 14th - Hound's Tooth / Keane's Crack
On the outside of Bruny Island, rocky reefs carpeted with thick seaweed assemblages give way to masses of invertebrate life and sponge beds. And amongst it all, an as-yet unexplored network of tunnels. For those of you who enjoy a bit of deep crack penetration. Contact - Pagey

October 20th - Dunalley Canal
A relaxing Saturday drift dive down the Dennison Canal. If the adrenalin rush isn't enough, also expect to see lots of soft corals, sponges and spider crabs. Contact - Nic

October 28th - The Nord & Cathedral Caves
A challenging day out on the Nord, regarded by some of our divers as the best site they've ever dived! The wreck has a thick coating of sponge and is surounded by huge schools of fish. Follow it up with a spectacular second dive in the 'sunken church' (complete with dome, arch and catacombs) of the Cathedral Caves. Advanced Open Water ONLY. Contact - Pagey

November 3rd - The Hippolytes
8 km out to sea, two small exposed volcanic outcrops pierce the surface from depths of 70+ m. A massive spectacular array of anemones, sea whips, sponges and nudibranchs cover the rock walls at depth, and seals swim through caverns near the surface. Due to the deep nature of the site and high currents, this dive is Advanced Open Water ONLY. Contact - Pagey

November 4th - Ninepin Point
A fascinating shallow shore dive in a marine reserve flushed with tanin coloured water, producing an array of marine life usually found in much deeper water. Contact - Sparky

November 24th - Isle de Phoque
One of Tasmania's most renowned seal colonies. The island also has one of the largest open sea caves in the southern hemisphere running directly underneath the island. Spectacular stuff! Contact - Pagey

November 25th - Tamar River
Official launch of the 'TUDC Northern Chapter' (see news on this above!). Trojan and Dumper embarking on an adventure up and down the Tamar River - characterised by epic bommies, huge sponge gardens and phenomenal drift dives in high current! Contact - Cashy

December 1st - Bruny Island [freediver friendly!]
SUMMER IS COMING, so Freedivers and Open Water divers are uniting for a search mission around the northern end of Bruny Island to scope out some cool new dive sites. Includes a pleasure cruise around the fabulous Bruny coastline! Freedivers AND scuba divers welcome. Contact - Tony


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