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Howdy Divers!

The water is finally getting warmer (albeit slowly), and we are starting to plan for a big summer of diving. So if you have been in diving hibernation over winter it's time to dust off your gear and get into the water. We have specially posted a Tinderbox shore dive for November 9th in case you haven't dived for a while and want to ease back into summer diving.

We are only a few weeks away from a big dive trip up to St Helens. It should be great - diving, camping, fun times! Bring your friends to camp and join in the fun! In November, we're heading up to Bicheno for a weekend which conveniently coincides with the Food and wine festival... Great diving, Great Food, Great Wine! Don't forget to let us know where you want to dive, and we'll do our very best to make it happen!

News around the club is that it looks like Dumper may be back in action. The mechanic we originally purchased her off agreed to fix her up for cost price, so we reckon that's a bit of a win! Hopefully we will get her back next week, and you'll see even more dives popping up on the calendar!

Happy bubbling.

- John Keane, TUDC President


Featured Dive Review

Dunalley Canal - 29th September

"Denison Canal, Dunalley, is a man-made canal that connects Blackman Bay in the east and Norfolk Bay in the west. It was dredged in 1905 to shorten the way by sea between Tasmania's east coast and Hobart. As a dive site, it is something quite different to the norm.

We hit the water almost right on the turn of the tide, and despite a tidal range of just 0.3m, the current was really flowing. I mean really flowing. We were sucked in on one side of the bridge, and spat out at the other, leaving little time to take in the sights. But conveniently placed eddies allowed us to hitch a ride back for more. The floor of the canal undulates in mounds, valleys and ridges, making for some adrenalin-pumping roller coaster rides on the currents.

Colourful filter feeders including zoanthids, sponges and ascidians grow thick on the bridge pylons. Years of bivalve growth has resulted in an accumulation of mussel shells on the canal floor, where spider crabs were aggregating in impressive numbers. Other fauna seen included a school of Australian salmon, an octopus and a large Whitley's skate.

Following the thrill of the rushing currents around the bridge, the smoother drift through the rest of the canal was a welcome way to end the dive. Denison Canal's fast-flowing currents are a real buzz - know what to expect, time it right and this dive site is a winner."    - Laura


News Around The Club

Diving giant caves to Icelandic fissures and beyond!

As part of the celebrations to mark the 40th anniversary of the Cave Divers Association of Australia, our friends at TSDC are bringing world renowned underwater cave explorer Paul Heinerth from the USA down to Hobart to tell us about some amazing cave explorations across the planet!

Paul Heinerth is one of North America's pioneering Cave Divers and cave explorers. His bio is extensive, as is his ability to tell a good yarn. Join Paul for an evening highlighting some of his recent explorations in the Giant Cave in Belize and the Submerged Fissures in Iceland amongst others. With over 40 years experience in Cave Exploration and 20 years CCR cave diving, Paul will take you on a journey around the world.

When: Sunday 3rd November, 6PM meals and a chat, 7:30PM for the main event
Where: Chapel Room, upstairs in the New Sydney.
Cost: $10 per person.

See you there!



We've finally got around to archiving all our past editions of TANKED news so you can check them out ANY TIME on our website!

If you want to see how far we've come over the past year and a half, are keen to check out some fantastic TUDC dive reviews written by members, or you're just worried that you might've missed out on something exciting, jump onto the "news" section of our website and take a look at...



Cheap dive courses available to TUDC Members

For those of you yet to get certified, Ian from The Hobart Dive Shop (6234 3428) is once again offering a fantastic price on Open Water courses exclusively to Tas Uni Dive Club members.

The following courses have just been posted up for August & September - jump on the Dive Shop website now for full dates and to make a booking!

  • PADI Open Water Course - from 7th October: $295 (for TUDC members!)
  • PADI Open Water Course - from 28th October: $295 (for TUDC members!)
Remember, the cheap deals on the OW courses (usually $375 each) are exclusive to TUDC members, so make sure you mention you're from the Tas Uni Dive Club!

discounted dive courses!

Our friends from GoDive Launceston have jumped on board to offer some cheap dive courses exclusive to TUDC members in the North of the state.

  • PADI Open Water Courses - from 5th October, 9th November, 7th December
  • PADI Advanced OW courses - from 5th October, 26th October, 30th November


Recent Dives & Happenings

Dive Reviews - by George

Fortescue Bay, Tasman Peninsula

A whopping 10 divers (who weren't so keen on the AFL grand final) packed on board Thumper and Trojan for the day - many thanks to Masa and Elias for helping out with the boat driving and extra gear. Our first dive was on the southern side of the entrance to Fortescue, and the second in the magnificent Waterfall Bay with a couple of more adventurous divers dropping into Cathedral Caves. Unfortunately we didn't find any Giant Kelp, but as ever, the area was perfect for Open Water divers. All in all a very successful day, and we even got some Seals to come out and play.

Cape Maurouard, Maria Island

We had 4 divers along on this trip with Dan driving the boat. Divers explored the Bommy and had a nice shallowish bubble in the adjacent bay. We were (finally!) lucky with the weather to have a relatively modest wind and swell, but the direction caused some surge near the surface. We came across some quite large schools of silvery fish (IDs best left to the fish nerds), and the visibility was excellent.

dive calendar signups

Upcoming Dives & Events

October 7th - CSIRO (night)
Dropping it off the end of the CSIRO wharf (literally!) we'll explore what lurks under the concrete piers after dark! This is a really cruisy dive, with the chance to see occys, seahorse, draughtboard sharks, squid, broken televisions and loads more. Always an interesting bubble. Advanced Open Waters ONLY. Contact - Elias

October 9th - Pub Night
Take a break at the TUDC Pub Night. Remember that Wednesday is cheap beer and pizza night! All new, old and prospective members are welcome, so come along for a beverage and/or a bite to eat. Please sign up so we can book a table big enough! Contact - dive calendar

October 10th - Movie Nights! [north]
The northern branch of TUDC are putting on a FREE movie night (along with FREE pizza and drinks) to be held at the Launceston UTAS campus. Some of the films to be shown include Stories From The Sea, The Giant and the Fisherman, Into the Gyre, and a bunch more! Contact - Masa

October 20th, 27th, November 3rd, 10th - Freedive training! (Hobart Aquatic Centre)
Training session for all members new and old. Come along to learn or enhance your free diving safety, breathing techniques, breath hold times, finning style, and more. Everyone is welcome including people who have never dived before, and we cater the session to each persons ability. Contact - Tony

October 24th (whole weekend) - St Helens
We are taking advantage of the Hobart show weekend and spending 4 days camping and diving around St Helens. There are dives for all experience levels of divers, from some lovely dives in Binnalong Bay to St Helens Island and Merricks Reef. Pack your tent, camp chair for 4 days of fun. Bring your friends as well. This is a trip not to be missed! Contact - Johnny

October 26th - Tamar River [north]
Two dives in the mouth of the famous Tamar river! Home to an incredible array of sponge and invertebrate gardens due to the high current in the area, descending down the steep slopes surrounding the beacons. Contact - Masa

November 3rd - Cave diving presentation (New Sydney Hotel)
Paul Heinerth is one of North America's pioneering Cave Divers and cave explorers. His bio is extensive, as is his ability to tell a good yarn. Join Paul for an evening highlighting some of his recent explorations in the Giant Cave in Belize and the Submerged Fissures in Iceland amongst others. Contact - dive calendar

November 22nd (whole weekend) - Bicheno (coinciding with festival!)
Combining a huge variety of diving with Bicheno's Food & Wine Festival is a recipe for an excellent weekend. Oh, and the music line-up is top quality so if you don't want to get in the water at all on Saturday we fully understand! Contact - Sparky


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