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Hey whale whisperers,

Welcome to TANKED - the newsletter for swimmers who never really learnt which way is up... We are now OFFICIALLY (well ok, in a couple of days) into Spring! This is super exciting for the lovers of warmer waters, and expect to see some more fish emerging from their icy-induced torpor and coming out to play. You might also start to see the waters clouding up a little as those pesky algae go to town, but NEVER FEAR! Murky water means baitfish, which means bigger fish, which means some seriously cool baitball sightings might be just on the horizon...

We've been pretty busy pimping out our new boat and are stoked with some of the slick new features we've built into her! Check out the full report below in this newsletter to see exactly what we've been up to (and to prove that we really do more than update the Facebook page). Safe bubbling.

- TUDC Exec 2012
Night diving

Featured Dive Review

Bellerive Beach [night], 19th August

With two people (Travis and I) rocking up to explore Bellerive, we new it was going to be an easy cruise through the shallows, with no risk of eager bubblers silting up the bottom :) It was nice of the Clarence Council to rebuild the walkway down to the beach for us, as its much easier to trek down with a full kit without having to slide down the sandstone!

It was high tide, with a slight breeze, and as the silhouette of the mountain faded out we slid under and headed on a southern bearing. Literally straight after we hit the bottom, I spotted a small octopus scooting under a crevice but by the time Travis made it over, it had scuttled out of sight.

With Bellerive being a relatively shallow swim, we wandered East and along the rocky reef in about 6m, occasionally drifting out onto the sand to see if we could spot an elusive hand fish. No such luck. Travis found a dumpling squid burying himself in the sand, and we came across a juvenile leatherjacket clinging to a small piece of kelp, along with a puffer and a few baby cray.

After 40 minutes in the 12 degree water we spun around and headed North back towards the beach, with plenty of air but drastically dropping body temps! A nice easy dive as always, and well worth doing again.

          - Ben Cashman

Northern expansion gear

News Around The Club

TUDC Northern Expansion COMPLETE!
[and world domination imminent]

With our membership now reaching the record high of over 150 and an increasing number now residing in the Northern regions, we've made the move to expand TUDC into the North and setup a gear shed at the Launceston Uni/AMC campus. With the assistance of a $3000 Uni Sports Council grant we've been able to purchase 8 tanks, meaning we are now in a position to send 4 BCDs, 4 regulator sets (mix of regs, bottom timers, compasses) and 8 tanks (mix of aluminum and steels) to our Northern brothers and sisters! Adam Mills and Martin Filleul from AMC will be maintaining our gear, opening their own dive shed for members to rent kit, and reporting back to us here in Hobart on progress and future needs as they grow. This is a massive step, and one that benefits all TUDC members, as now if you are keen to dive the Tamar or anywhere North you can stop by the shed at AMC. We're excited about our growth, and to kick it off we'll be organising a Tamar River dive in the North over the coming months. Keep an eye on the calendar and come help us cut the ribbon on the AMC dive shed opening!


This year's TUU raffle has kicked off, and we have 100 raffle books for you all to sell at work, to friends, family, hobos, basically anyone you can pedal them to. You can grab a few ticket books at our next pub night, or email us and we'll get them to you. Tickets sell for $2 each, and this year THE CLUBS GET 100%! That means for every ticket YOU sell, the TUDC gets the full $2. So get selling! A word of warning though, you'll have to compete with Andrew Pinner, who last year, managed to sell more than anyone combined.

Dumper Currently MIA :-(

As a few of you (unluckily) would know, our beloved Landcruiser 'Dumper' went down for the count last weekend. After a quick inspection by the mechanic it appears to be internal engine issues, with potential blockages in the cooling system. If that's a little too car geek for you, it basically means that 'Dumper' will be out of action for the coming weeks while we find out the whole picture and then look for the most cost effective approach to fixing her. Sorry to all of those divers who missed out on their dives last weekend (it was lucky it happened in Hobart and not Eaglehawk!).

If you're looking to sign up for a dive on the calendar and you own, or can get hold of a 4x4 for towing, we'd love it if you could let us know in the comments on your dive signup or via email. Let's keep that club atmosphere rolling. On top of that, if you have your boat licence or are keen to get it, don't forget to ask the dive coordinator if you can have a go at driving the boats. What better way to build your boat hours up than on a TUDC dive!

TROJAN gets Pimped for your Ultimate Riding Pleasure

Since our last issue we have been working on fixing up the minor teething problems with Trojan identified on our dives. We have also been working towards furthering our readiness to fit her out with tank and gear racks. Here’s a brief rundown of what we have done so far!

Trojan bilge improvements

Out in any reasonable swell we noticed that she was taking on a little water through the transom; the bilge pump just didn’t seem to be clearing the water fast enough. Upon inspection we found a load of gunk in the pump so we cleared it out and fitted a gauze filter. While we were in there we also tested the auto-fill switch. 4 out of 10 times it failed! Not good enough we say! We have fitted a new one, repositioning its location in the transom to a much more effective orientation. The transom hatch was also incorrectly installed; we removed and re-installed, silicon sealed.

To test our handywork we took Trojan out on possibly the windiest night of the year, but our little fixes worked like a fricking charm. Even when backing her up full throttle and flooding the transom only very small amounts of water were taken on, and were easily handled by the bilge pump! So remember folks if you’re on the boat and you get that sinking feeling remind the skipper to turn the bilge pump on!

We have extended the petrol hose to side inlet so that refuelling no longer requires access to the central hatch. It also looks much cooler filling her up at the bowser like a boss…. I mean car :-) This, at best, could be described as a fiddly job but we got there after a few hours of mucking around and a ripped off thumb nail!

Lost in petrol filling improvements

We found a perfect key to the petrol inlet hatch at the tip shop, so if you are helping refuel Trojan you can find it conveniently located in the battery hatch. Unfortunately for our good natured member Sam Rose, it was the drowning of his uber expensive SLR that alerted us to water getting in to the battery hatch. We have dried it out, tidied up the wiring (the battery case lid did not seal as was) and used marine foam filler to seal the gaps that were letting in water.

We have also made the fiddly job of raising and lowering of the oversize road signs we are required to display much easier! The rig we have set up is designed to reduce drag from the large sign. It’s now simply a case of rolling down the sign and clipping the two hooks to the last d-ring of the side rope. At the pier unclip, roll the bar to wrap up the sign and clip the hooks so that the meet in the middle.

Fold-up oversize signs!

We have now replaced Dave Waterhouse as the flag pole holder and have installed one at the back. Nice and easy flip up flip down and very visible.

As with any new toy (or child), the list of things to do with our beloved new boat is seemingly endless. But the good news is she gets sleeker, safer and generally all-round more awesome with every one we complete. Stay tuned for more updates!

Limited Edition TUDC tees are IN and hot as hell!

Our funky TUDC threads have finally arrived, and wowses they’re looking slick! We recruited some highly professional models for a fashion shoot to show you just how pimp these tees will make ya. Both designs are available in most guy and girl sizes, fully screen printed with a BONUS surprise print on the back! All for the low low price of just $25.

Shoot us an email at to drop your details (design, size, quantity) if you’re keen for a tee or 12 to show the world how trendy you are. Make sure you get in super quick (seriously), because the prints are Limited Edition and already more than half are gone!

New TUDC tees!

FANTASTIC DEAL on dive computers!

Our friends from Southern Tas Divers currently have an awesome deal on the snazzy Scubapro Galileo Luna dive computer. If you're starting to get into your techy dives a bit more or just in the market for a multi-function dive computer with a nice big clear display, this could be just the thing for you.
[CHECK OUT THE FLYER] or hit up the shop for more details!


Some upcoming dive course dates

Southern Tasmanian Divers (212 Elizabeth St - 6234 7243) have a number of upcoming dive courses on their calendar. Check out their website for more details.

  • Open Water Course (4 upcoming courses)
    • from September 11th, October 9th, Noveber 6th, December 4th
  • Advanced OW Course
    • from November 23rd
  • Apply First Aid: from September 10th
    • equivalent to St Johns and Red Cross courses. A perfect way to link first aid (and CPR) in a practical diving setting (and of course, a prerequisite for your Rescue Diver certification!)

Specialty Courses SPECIALTY equipment training courses

If you're interested in the equipment side of diving, you may be interested in the upcoming specialty training courses offered by Southern Tas Divers: Inspect and Fill Cylinders, and Gas Blending. [both are a 2 night theory session]

Inspect and Fill Cylinders: September 12th & 19th
Gas Blending: September 26th & October 3rd

Both courses are fully Government Accredited.

NEW KID ON THE BLOCK for diver training!

Scubaventures is a brand spankin' new dive training school that's started to hit the big blue around Tassie. If you're interested in some basic dive training or perhaps some more adventurous courses, check out Scubaventures options through their website here:

Also check out the posters below (clicky click for larger images) for more info and course dates.


Contribute and Win!

We love reading dive reviews as much as you do, and we're super keen for them to become a regular part of our newsletter. So we're offering EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU the chance to win a brand new, custom-fitted Seatec Commercial wetsuit (check it out here) courtesy of Ian at The Dive Shop Hobart. All you need to do is send us a review from a dive you've done recently. Seriously, that's it! Photos are fantastic but not essential. Simply reply back to this email with your latest dive review to go into the draw.

Each review submitted gives you one entry, so keep sending them through to maximise your chances. Competition will be drawn at the end of the year. Get writing!


Recent Happenings

Freediver News

All things Freediving

- by Freedive Officer Tony

With the cold weather upon us and ocean temps cold enough to chill a 6 pack of beer, ocean free diving came to a stop faster than super man on steroids.

Only the most hardy have been out and about doing the odd bit of spear fishing for dinner rather than true free diving. It is just too cold even in a 7mm wet suit to be hanging around on a rope for more than 5 minutes without the shivers setting in, and it actually being warmer running around naked on the top of Mt Wellington! And once the goose bumps happen, as we all know, wellll its all over. Shivering causes a huge spike in muscle oxygen demand to such a state that being able to hold your breath for more than a minute or two is all but impossible unless you just happen to be a seal...

However, the odd night of pool training has been had with some stella efforts by newcomers and experienced alike, whilst an attempt at spearfishing for Tuna off Tasman Island a couple of months ago was a bit of fun for some of us.

There is an opportunity however for some keen bubblers and non-bubblers alike to have a crack at Underwater Rugby... This would provide some excellent training for Free diving but at the same time swimming around like a madman (or woman) trying to get a ball inside a basket sitting on the bottom of the pool. Strange but true... Check out

It would be super awesome to get a few more avid divers to the games to make it a regular event. And it will do wonders for your breath hold ability, improve cardiovascular performance, and even work toward reducing your reliance on bubbling supplies for those tankies.

Otherwise, as the waters begin to warm once again (Spring is on its way..!) we will look at starting up some free diving again with some dives planned for early Nov. The next being a weekend away to Cockle Creek for both tankies and non-tankies alike. Keep an eye out on the dive calendar.

More Fun Stuff

Our friends at Southern Tas Divers are running their innaugural international dive trip, this time to the famous Trunk Lagoon, Micronesia. The trip is running from 12th-23rd November, and a full itinerary has already been planned out for your ultimate convenience! Check out the flyer below for more info.
Southern Tas trip flyer

Our other friends at TSDC (isn't it nice that we have so many friends!) have asked us to circulate the details for their upcoming dive trip, also to TRUK LAGOON! This one is happening a little later on, in early 2013. Truk sure sounds like it must be a pretty special place...

"As most of you know we have been working on a club trip to Truk Lagoon for May 2013. I have negotiated an itinerary for a 10 day - 19 dive trip plus a one night stopover in Cairns on the way home.

Dates are 20th - 30th May and have been arranged so we don't have to have stopover nights in Guam, cost is $3,195 ex Cairns and include the usual accommodation, transfers, tanks, weights & dive guide, bonuses include; welcome drink, nightly movies, use of kayak, snorkeling, dive locker, safety deposit box, and lunch on the last day.

As part of the planning process we identified that flights are getting booked up and becoming scarce to and from Guam in May, as such we have to confirm numbers shortly, hence I am circulating the quote / proposal for your consideration and discussion."

If you are interested, make sure you contact the TSDC crew ASAP to secure flights. You can contact Ashton at or call on 0419 885 810.


Gear Classifieds

We often have members wanting to trade up gear, so what better way to advertise your needs than in our classified section! Drop us an email if you have anything you're looking to buy OR sell and would like to post it here for next month.


Member's pre-loved gear
  • 1 x steel tank with handle
  • 1 x women's BCD with weight pockets and weights
  • 1 x regulator with octopus and console computer + reg bag
  • 1 x Merino Element 7mm female wetsuit, Medium, worn twice!
  • 1 x Pinnacle Cruiser 7mm female wetsuit, Medium Short
  • various bits and pieces (fins, mask, booties)
Happy to sell this gear individually, but am prepared to let the lot go for only $1,500 (total cost new was well over $3K).
Contact: NAOIMI on 0439 616 883 for further info.
dive calendar signups

Upcoming Dives & Events

September 1st - Isle de Phoque
One of Tasmania's most renowned seal colonies. The island also has one of the largest open sea caves in the southern hemisphere running directly underneath the island. Spectacular stuff! Contact - Pagey

September 9th - Lady Bay - DIVE SITE HUNTERS!!!
With the success of our first Dive Site Hunters dive to Trial Bay, we've hit the navigation charts and picked our next spot in the Southport area. Steep dolerite depths and close depth contours; unknown sites, currents and bottom composition. For exploratory advanced divers only! The aim of the Dive Site Hunters project is to discover new and exciting dive sites to expand the club's diving playground, so who knows what we'll find... Contact - Britt

August 8th - Pub Night
Need some time out? Take a break at the TUDC Pub Night. Remember that Wednesday is cheap beer and pizza night! All new, old and prospective members are welcome, so come along for a beverage and/or a bite to eat. Please sign up so we can book a table big enough! Contact - dive calendar

September 14th to 16th - Maria Island weekend
Staying at Spring Beach (with our own jetty and pool room!), we'll be heading over to Maria Island each day. Recognised as one of the most biodiverse regions in Australia, the Maria Island Marine park showcases a spectacular array of fish, kelp and colourful invertebrates, providing a plethora of rewarding dive sites both deep and shallow. Weather permitting, the The Troy D shipwreck may also be dived (Advanced open water required). Contact - Pagey


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