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Here at the TUDC we are continually looking out for new ideas and ways to improve. If you like what you see on our site, let us know. Have we missed something? Do you have news or ideas that you want to see online? We want to hear it.Diving is what we do best, and we are always keen to hit a new dive site for a bubble. If you are already a TUDC member, let us know about your fav dive spot and why we should dive it. Give us a teaser about what makes it a great dive, and if you are not yet a member then let us know you want to get involved.
Go on… don’t be shy, send us your ideas.

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Our Southern Based Team for 2019/20

George Parremore

parremoreg  Vice President
Brian Hall

Andrew Bain

John Keane


Gear Officer
Nic Mutarelli

Dive Officer
Steve Payne
Dive Officer
Sean Boucher
Dive Officer
David Flynn

Our Northern Based Team

Gear Officer
Nic Boucher
Dive Officer 
Rosa Casey