Clean Up Australia Day – March

TUDC participates in the national Clean Up Australia Day underwater by helping to clean up our precious marine environment – In recent years we have been targeting various Marinas in the Hobart area.

International Underwater Clean up Day – September

Each September the TUDC participates in ‘International Underwater Clean up Day’. This is a global initiative, organised by the Project AWARE team, which included divers from around the world all diving deep in an effort to clean up our waterways.

Ongoing Conservation efforts

Many TUDC divers get together throughout year to clean up areas such as the Kings Pier, Contituition Dock, Kelso Jetty, Bellerive, the Tamar River and the Hobart Rivulet. Each year we haul in around half a tonne of trash and waste from our waterways. Great media coverage and assistance from the Department of Environment enabled us to get our message out to the greater community that ‘prevention is far better than the cure’ as we are only able to pull a small percentage of the actual waste that is under the surface around the port region.

We look forward to increasing the numbers on each year’s dive, but in the meantime check out our club photo gallery to the right for pictures of some of our cleanup dives (and other awesome diving as well).

So what is marine conservation all about?

Marine conservation is everyone’s job. The oceans are our lifeblood and our survival depends on their existence. If we step back and look at the whole marine ecosystem, we will see that the extinction of one species can have a detrimental effect on many, many others and in some cases our negative influence and irresponsibility can indirectly cause the extinction of another.

However, it isn’t just these high visibility worldwide conservation projects that make a difference. Many projects, such as the Sea Urchin research that the Uni Dive Club is participating in this year can make a huge difference in the preservation of the beautiful underwater world that surrounds our state.

Stay tuned for more detail on how we are helping out with this great initiative.