:: Where can I sign up to start diving? ONLINE, RIGHT HERE!!!

Using our new online form below and pay your membership through PayPal!! It’s ridiculously easy, quick, with zero fuss. We’ve upgraded our signup process, so all we need to start with is your basic information, then you will receive an email link directing you to fill out the rest of your profile online later, whenever you have the time.

Sign up here for 2021 membership

:: What about other options?

Or alternatively, the club Dive Shed is open every Thursday night between 6:00PM and 6:30PM (click the map above for detailed directions), where you can sign up to become a member. If you cannot make it to the Dive Shed to sign up, you can book in for a dive and sign up on the day, make it along to a pub night or contact us by sending us a message to make alternate arrangements.

Do you have friends who are keen to dive? Do you know a group of people who want to get their scuba licence? Rally your mates together and get them as excited about diving as you are, get them along to one of our meetings or up to the Dive Shed each Thursday night between 6:00PM and 6:30PM and get them all involved in the Uni Dive Club!