Equipment Hire

Scuba Gear

As a Uni student, diving is an expensive hobby, so let TUDC alleviate your pain by providing access to cheap and reliable gear!

You can rent gear every Thursday night from the Southern Dive Shed – 6:00PM to 6:30PM at the Olinda Grove, Mt Nelson.

A map to the Dive Shed is available here

Rental Period?

One amazing week of bubbling! Please pick up and return the gear each week. Each rental is for one full week and must be returned the following week.

Tanks MUST be returned filled so the next renter or that weekends club trip has enough tanks.  All gear cleaned as if it were your own.

Club dives take priority over gear rental – it can be worth contacting us beforehand! Or better yet just come along on club dives where its much cheaper and you get to meet lots of fantastic TUDC divers!

Gear Rental Prices

The TUDC rents out the following gear:

Equipment Rental Fee
BCD $10
Regulator Set $10
Tank (returned full) $10
Weight & Belt $5

Throw in your 2c…

As our member base increases, so does the diversity of the diving and social tastes of our members. What scuba gear do you want to see the club provide? Do you want to help out?? Take a few minutes to send us a message, and help us make diving better for everyone