Maria Island – The fossil cliffs and three sleeve wonder


7:30 am - 6:00 pm


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Triabunna Wharf
Esplanade East, Triabunna

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Nothing is more exciting than a new Dive Site ! Especially when it is so epic, you dive thru colorful gulley’s and caves filled with marine life (think loads of boarfish, cuttlefish and parrotfish). You will probably reach the pinnacle of diving euphoria when you see the “three sleeve wonder” a swim through that goes in three different directions with several of chambers to its sides. All that surrounded by beautiful clear blue waters off pristine Maria Island.


Since it is a new site with lots of exploring potential having a double dive there would not get boring, however depending on what folk want we can combine it with Troy D or one of the other Sites in the area.

There are plenty of cracks and nooks too look into so don’t forget a torch !

Dive Coordinator Davi Faloon
Dive Qualification Required Open Water
Meeting Location Dive shed - Olinda Grove
Dive Cost 50
Day or Night Dive Day Dive
Number of Dives 2

Refunds are at the Dive Coordinator's discretion however the following guidelines apply to normal events:

Cancellation where a replacement diver is found: 100% refund

No show or cancellation with less than 48 Hours notice: 0% refund
Cancellation with greater than 48 Hours but less than a week's notice: 50% refund
Cancellation with greater than a week's notice: 100% refund


Bookings are closed for this event.