Sisters Rocks and Deep Glen Bay

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Date(s) - 31/Jan/2016
All Day

Sisters Rocks


Dive Info

Dive Coordinator: David Page
Meeting Place: Olinda Grove Dive Sheds
Minimum Dive Qualifications: Open Water
Dive Cost: $70
Deposit Required: $30
Day/Night Dive: Day Dive
This trip consists of 2 Dive(s)
Location of Dive Statewide
Cancellation PolicyA full refund will be given if the dive is cancelled by the club, e.g. due to bad weather or equipment unavailability.
A 50% Refund will be given if a diver cancels between 1 week and 12 hours of the start of the dive unless a replacement diver is available in which case a full refund will be given.
Before this time a full refund will be given except for trips where long lead times are involved (eg Interstate Trips/Long weekend trips etc) where refunds are at the discretion of the Dive Coordinator.

SistersPhoto courtesy of M. Baron, Eaglehawk Dive Center

Sisters Rocks is a series of magnificent pinnacles 12 kilometres to the north of Pirates Bay off Cape Surville in 40+ metres, with sheer walls and canyons.
The best diving is on the seaward end of the Outer Sister. Here huge schools of Butterfly Perch patrol the vertical drop-off At the base of the drop-off there are large forests of sea whips, up to two meters in length. Numerous large bommies and good fish life is a feature of this dive. The walls are covered in Gold Zoanthid Anemones, soft corals and sponges, with dense gardens of sea whips in the deeper parts. Large schools of Butterfly Perch are common.
For advanced and deep divers the best diving is on the seaward end of the Outer Sister that leads to a vertical drop-off.
Open water certification holders will find good diving on the rock walls and reefs along the sides of the island chain.
The diving is particularly good on the rock walls between the Second and Outer Sister.

Deep Glen Bay – Ope n water divers will drop in close to the shore to 18 meters, the bottom supports a large weed garden which is covered in the usual varieties of reef fish.
Advanced divers will follow the North Wall – a sheer wall from the surface to 30 meters, with shelves and tumbles of huge boulders down to 40+ meters.
The wall is rich in colourful encrusting invertebrates, and home to a pair of elusive Zeibel’s Handfish.
The deeper area has spectacular sponge gardens full of colour. Large schools of Butterfly Perch are common.

The area is exposed and the rocks are subject to a noticeable current at times, so please have 20+ dives up your sleeve.

Water and surface interval lollies will be provided!

If you plan to go deeper than 30m then DEEP DIVER QUALIFIED REQUIRED.
Nitrox is available.
Deco run-times are welcomed.


Bookings are closed for this event.