Reef Balls exploratory dive.


12:00 am


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One of two artificial reefs established by the Leven Scuba Club (Devonport Based).

A boat dive for the experienced diver and situated off Moorlands Beach.

Artificial marine habitat created out of concrete reefballs. Currently home to sponges, bryzoans, crabs, ascidians, cowfish, rays, silverbellies, perch, and cephalopods. For more information on the dive site, take a look at Leven Scuba clubs site

We aren’t 100% sure of location, so will be a discovery dive. Advanced open waters or equivalent only.

Meet at shed at 0800.

DIve Coordinator Jessica McMillan
Dive Qualification Required Advanced Open Water
Meeting Location Northern Dive Shed
Dive Cost
Day or Night Dive Day Dive
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Bookings are closed for this event.