Tamar River Dive (Location TBA)

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Date(s) - 05/Jul/2015
12:00 am


Dive Info

Dive Coordinator: Ben Plunkett
Meeting Place: TBA
Minimum Dive Qualifications: Open Water
Dive Cost: $15
Deposit Required: $5
Day/Night Dive: Day Dive
This trip consists of 1 Dive(s)
Location of Dive North
Cancellation PolicyA full refund will be given if the dive is cancelled by the club, e.g. due to bad weather or equipment unavailability.
A 50% Refund will be given if a diver cancels between 1 week and 12 hours of the start of the dive unless a replacement diver is available in which case a full refund will be given.
Before this time a full refund will be given except for trips where long lead times are involved (eg Interstate Trips/Long weekend trips etc) where refunds are at the discretion of the Dive Coordinator.

The Tamar river has many different and great locations to dive, its to hard to make a decision now on which location we’re going to dive but if you have a favorite and  you’d like to let us know what it is then we’ll try and get there.

This dive will more than likely be a shore dive, max depth in the river is approx 50 odd metres but we’ll stick to the depths of 18-30mtrs these are usually the best areas with some very beautiful sponge gardens and lots of marine life to discover.

Day dive so no torches should be required but your welcome to ask for when when collecting your gear.

cost of the dive will be $15,

if you require a lift to the location then don’t hesitate to ask, we’re a family a TUDC

if you require more information contact tasunih20north@gmail.com


Bookings are closed for this event.