TUDC Annual General Meeting

The 2016 AGM will be held on Wednesday the 16th of March from 6pm.

We will have a video link between the Southern and Northern Chapters.

There will be free pizza and drinks provided.



Hobart: Sandy Bay, Building AX17, Level 02, Room 209 (SB.AX17.L02.209)

Launceston: NH.X117 Video Conference Room, X-Ferrall Centre, room Be21. (NH.BE21.L01.117)


The main purpose of the AGM is to elect the Executive and Committee for the 2016/17 dive season. Duties of the positions are below.

To vote at the meeting you will need to be a financial 2016 member: Click here to get your 2016 Membership



TUDC Duties


Gear Store – Man the gear store for hiring and return of equipment; rotating roster.

Club Dives – Each member must organise a minimum of 2 per year. This includes advertising the dive and organising gear and accommodation deals. Dive Officers are responsible for organising the bulk of club diving, and it is expected that they will organise much more than 2 dives per year.

Attend TUDC club days, monthly committee meetings, and Societies Day/O week events.


Presidents Duties

Overall responsibility to keep the club running

Keys – Update Register

CBA Authorities – Update

Member Drive

Shed Duty Roster

Attend Sports Council Meetings


AGM Co-ordination

Answer to TUU Executive

Sponsorship and/or deals with Businesses and Stores

Affiliation renewal with TUU

Promote Safe Diving

Vice President’s Duties

Club website maintenance

Supporting the President in their duties

Funding and membership brainstorming

Club Branding

Treasurers Duties

Keeping track of club finances, receipts, payments, bank statements, budget, bank reconciliation, balance sheet, profit and loss statement.

Attend Budget Meeting(s)

Registration for Boat, Trailers and Oxygen Equipment

Annual club audit prior to AGM

Secretary’s Duties

Club Info Brochure

Club Advertising and Marketing Tactics

Answering and advice to members, correspondence, contacts lists on Gmail/Facebook

Societies Day co-ordination

Annual return of Association

Minutes of Club Meetings

Membership Information

Assist president with co-ordination of meetings

General admin and filing of club information, both electronic records and at gear store

Affiliation renewal with TUU

Major Asset Officer Duties

Boat Service and maintenance /Flares status/ EPIRB/ safety equipment

Vehicle servicing and maintenance

Compressor servicing and maintenance

Gear Service Status and maintenance

Gear Officer Duties

Boat Service/Flares status/Medical Kit Status

All Club Gear Audit

Gear Service Status and Maintenance

Medical Kit Status

Dive Officer Duties

Coordination and running of multiple dive events

Participation in Gear Shed roster

Promote Safe Diving

Keep in touch with President


Dive Coordinator Andrew Bain
Dive Qualification Required None
Meeting Location South: SB.AX17.L02.209 North: NH.BE21.L01.117
Day or Night Dive Social Event
Number of Dives

Refunds are at the Dive Coordinator's discretion however the following guidelines apply to normal events:

Cancellation where a replacement diver is found: 100% refund

No show or cancellation with less than 48 Hours notice: 0% refund
Cancellation with greater than 48 Hours but less than a week's notice: 50% refund
Cancellation with greater than a week's notice: 100% refund